Blagojevich/Jesse Jackson, Jr., Fundraiser Indicted for Bribes/Kickbacks to Physicians for Referrals to Surgery Centers Characterized as Ad Expenses

Four years after his 2008 interview, a physician was indicted for income tax evasion and mail fraud according to the following press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The Chicago Tribune explains his connection to our crooked former Governor Rod … Continue reading

Could Chicago Sun-Times Be Preparing Southside Readers for an Isaac Hayes Endorsement?

It’s probably because I met Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s GOP opponent Isaac Hayes at the Family PAC cruise last month that I am following with more than casual interest the deteriorating political fortunes of the incumbent. Today, the Chicago Sun-Times … Continue reading

Chicago Tribune – Six Days Late on ACORN, Seven, If You Count Internet Stories

I read the Chicago Tribune pretty thoroughly. This week after the Fox News expose on community organizing group ACORN Friday, a week ago, I was watching for stories. The TEA Party folks had ACORN’s number. You can see that from … Continue reading

Racism in Chicago Attacks on Black Politicians?

Listing the African American politicians and the Bulls player who have been indicted or received bad publicity, the Chicago Defender is saying its “readers have called and wondered aloud if Black leaders are being targeted.” It mentions Ike Carothers, Roland … Continue reading

Earmarks in the Health & Human Services and Labor Budgets – Part 4

Again thanks to Taxpayers for Common Sense, McHenry County Blog can give you an idea what pork in this year’s congressional budget looks like. We continue in alphabetical order. Today we are reaching the middle of the alphabetical. We cover … Continue reading

The Illinois Congressional Pork Report

Taxpayers for Common Sense have totaled up the congressional earmarks in the budget bill being voted on this week. I was reminded of that when I read an editorial cartoon sent to me by my Joplin, Missouri, brother-in-law. It was … Continue reading