Jack Franks Hypocrisy re Double-Dipping: Bad for Thee, OK for Me

It can be dangerous to put something on the internet. Why? Because it never disappears. Consider the email that then-State Representative Jack Franks sent to constituents on December 24, 2013. Here is how it begins: Fighting Against Sweetheart Deals ‘Double-dipping’ … Continue reading

Focus on Public Pension Shortfall Overlooks Future Public Employee Health Insurance Costs

From Wirepoints: Wirepoints Report: The real cost of pension and public retiree health insurance equals half of Illinois’ budget Illinois owes $73 billion in retiree health insurance benefits for state workers, yet doesn’t have any money set aside to pay for … Continue reading

Will Higher Assessments Lead to Higher Taxes?

Real estate assessments are being hiked by 8% in a lot of townships. That has to be scaring people who don’t understand the property tax system. There are two parts to the tax bill: the assessment the tax rate On … Continue reading

State Has Figured Out That Insurance Agents Can Sell Obamacare

When Governor Jim Edgar passed Kids Care in the mid-1990’s, I remember having lunch in the legislators’ dining room and telling her if he wanted it to really succeed, he would let insurance agents sell it. Instead, Edgar and Blagojevich … Continue reading

SEC Spanks Illinois’ Lying Politicians

Maybe that headline is a little bold, but we’re talking Rod Blagojevich here.   Read the following press release from the United State Securities Exchange Commission and write your own in the comment section: SEC Charges Illinois for Misleading Pension Disclosures … Continue reading

When Jim Edgar Should Have Followed Missouri’s Example on Pensions

The year the State of Illinois decided to improved the pension system of state employees, Missouri took action on its employee pension system, too. The pension was quite poor compared to other states. Governor Jim Edgar’s administration and the AFSMCE … Continue reading

The “Safe Haven” Shield Pro-Choice Politicians Use in the Abortion Argument

There is a concept used in campaigns that could be called a “political shield.” Abortion being a distasteful subject not often discussed in private or public is, nevertheless, one that motivates political activists and, at least on the pro-choice side … Continue reading

Pension Winners in the General Assembly Retirement System

Jim Tobin’s National Taxpayers United of Illinois has revealed the top 50 pensions for the General Assembly Retirement Fund. It doesn’t have many pensioners, but the legislative retirement fund has some big payouts. Part of the reason is that statewide … Continue reading

Illegal Aliens Compose 75% of All Kids Taxpayer Subsidized Health Care Program

The Daily Herald style book can’t bring itself to use the words “illegal aliens,” but John Patterson’s story about the Illinois Auditor General’s study of Rod Blagojevich’s All Kids taxpayer-subsidized health care program says 75% of 71,665 children on the … Continue reading

Pam Althoff Letter Endorsing Kirk Dillard Arrives

As U.S. House Democratic Party Speaker Tip O’Neill said, “All politics is local.” So, I guess that puts McHenry County Blog in the right place for those who want to know about “local.” That’s what McLean County Pundit reminds readers … Continue reading

Steve Stanek Writes Lead Letter in Chicago Sun-Times

Here’s what McHenry resident Steve Stanek wrote the Chicago Sun-Times about those folks in Springfield To the editor: “Down in Springfield, it’s fool-the-taxpayer time,” the Sun-Times wrote (“If this is reform, what’s with the loopholes?” editorial, May 29). When is … Continue reading