Shift on Gun Control Thoughts by Leading Liberal Journalist

When I was running for governor on the Libertarian Party ticket, both of my opponents were soft on the Second Amendment. Rod Blagojevich was downright hostile, having introduced a bill while we both served in the Illinois General Assembly to … Continue reading

Jason Plummer Goes Negative

Not today. Today I heard this ever-so-positive ad on radio driving to pick up my son from school. But Friday night’s and Saturday’s phone calls were something else. A woman’s voice comes on the answering machine: “Hello. I’m calling with … Continue reading

An Achilles Heel for Jim Ryan

First, the disclaimer. I ran as the Libertarian Party candidate against Jim Ryan and Rod Blagojevich in 2002. I got so few votes that it did not affect the outcome. Ryan would have lost whether or not I had been … Continue reading

Thoughts About the Governor’s Race

If you looked at the front page of the Chicago Tribune Sunday, you saw five candidates on top of the page. They are ones that the Tribune’s poll found leading in both the Democratic and Republican Party primaries. It was … Continue reading

Tribune-WGN Poll Shows Governors’ Races Tightening

As I suggested after I got Mary Pat’s call on behalf of Andy McKenna earlier today, the race for the Republican nomination for governor has narrowed down to three candidates: Andy McKenna – 19% Jim Ryan – 18% Kirk Dillard … Continue reading

So, Who Has How Much in the Governor’s Race?

In the governor’s race, here are the figures offered up by Adrian G. Uribarri in Chicago Current: Pat Quinn: $3.15 million in receipts, $2.36 million in expenditures and $1.5 million in available funds at the close of the period Dan … Continue reading

Penny Pullen’s Endorsement of Andy McKenna, Reaction and Response

About the same time the Northwest Herald was endorsing Jim Ryan, the man whose buddy and over-$800,000-contributor arranged (without Ryan’s knowledge) for Mercy Hospital to gain approval from the Illinois Health Facilitates Planning Board, my friend former State Rep. Penny … Continue reading

Dillard Takes Shots at Gubernatorial Debate

Here’s a press release from State Senator Kirk Dillard, a candidate for the GOP nomination for governor: Dillard Renews Ethical Judgment Charge at Debate Important Party Nominates Candidate Who Can Win in Fall (Lisle, IL) – Illinois Republican candidate for … Continue reading

Kirk Dillard Opposes Jim Ryan’s Proposal to Privatize the Tollway

Apparently the leading candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination (according to the Chicago Tribune pollster), Jim Ryan, has called for privatizing the Illinois Tollway. Actually, I see in the Daily Herald, Ryan wants to sell it. One of his DuPage … Continue reading

Jim Ryan Chickens Out

News reports said that former Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor Jim Ryan wanted the coveted last spot who vastly out-polled my Libertarian Party candidacy but succumbed to serial liar Rod Blagojevich chickened out today. Again. As I have … Continue reading

Term Limits for Legislative Leaders – Where State Senators Stand

Previously, McHenry County Blog extracted the responses of state representatives to a proposal to impose term limits on leaders. Locally, Republican Mike Tryon was the only one opposed to imposing term limits on legislative leaders. That’s the reform I championed … Continue reading

Term Limits for Leaders

I’m pretty amazed that the issue I stressed when I ran for governor against Rod Blagojevich and Jim Ryan in 2002 is getting attention during this year when the media is pushing reform: Term Limitsfor Leaders When my Libertarian Party … Continue reading