Jack Franks Temporary Rules Committee

There is a provision in the McHenry County Board Rules that allows its Chairman to appoint ad hoc committees. It was designed, according to one member of the Management Services Committee who was there when the language was added, to … Continue reading

Bridgett Provenzano’s Supporters Pound Lee Jennings for Hiking Taxes in Nunda Township Supervisor Race

Finally got a copy of a mailing supporting Nunda Township Supervisor candidate Bridgett Provenzano. This is a hit piece on opponent Lee Jennings’ tax votes. And nobody claims authorship. … Continue reading

Heisler Petition Challenge Hearing Postponed

Chairman of the Nunda Township Electoral Board Tom Palmer advises me that the challenge to Supervisor John Heisler’s petition for re-election has been postponed until 1 PM, Wednesday, December 19th, at the Nunda Township Hall. “At the electoral board hearing, we … Continue reading

Four-Way Race for Nunda Township Supervisor

I have given up trying to understand Nunda Township Republican politics. Township Supervisor John Heisler, a former McHenry County Board member, is being challenged by three people. Heisler, whose family’s name has been associated with Crystal Lake since his grandfather … Continue reading

Nunda Township Flag Pole, Planter Take Heat at Board Meeting

In the absence of Nunda Township Road Commissioner Donald Kopsell, Nunda Township Supervisor John Heisler and the Township Board expressed its displeasure with the expenditure of $6,500, plus labor, to install a tall flag pole and what appear to be … Continue reading

Nunda Township Democrats Seek Advantage by Endorsing Nunda Township Open Space Tax Hike Referendum

It’s not just Algonquin Township Democrats who are feeling their oats after having seen a Democratic Party candidate carry McHenry County for the first time since the formation of the Republican Party. Two candidates are running for Nunda Township trustee. … Continue reading