Politician Other Than Jack Franks Called a Weasel

The December 19, 2018, Tribune column by John Kass calls Rod Blagojevich a “weasel.” One definition I found says a weasel is “a deceitful or treacherous person.” The Kass column would be of passing interest to McHenry County residents except … Continue reading

Every Democrat is a Vote for Mike Madigan for Speaker

That’s what I heard Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady say on WBBM radio the Monday after the State Convention in Tinley Park. I went searching for the exact words on Chicago News 780, but couldn’t find it. Even so, … Continue reading

Bill Cellini’s Laugh

In Friday’s Chicago Tribune column, John Kass wrote about Bill Cellini’s laugh. I sensed Kass believed that when Cellini laughed incriminated him. Read the piece and draw your own conclusion. And, if you want to hear Cellini’s laugh listen to … Continue reading

Nygren-Franks Relationship Goes Both Ways

McHenry County Blog reported on Republican McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s involvement with Democrat State Representative Jack Franks’ fund raiser. Apparently the relationship is reciprocal. Over the transom, so to speak, comes the silent auction sign-up sheet below: It is … Continue reading