Grafton Township Lawyer Bills Continue to Mount

Complaints have been made about Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney John Nelson’s charging $250 per hour. That’s more than the $185 per hour that Keri-Lyn Krafthefer charged before she was dismissed by a court order from McHenry County Circuit … Continue reading

Judge Caldwell Orders Grafton Township Trustees Zirk, Murphy, LaPorta & McMahon to Approve Moore’s Lawyer as Township Attorney, Appeal Announced, Implementation Delayed

“Do we have to lose every time?” asked Donna McMahon of the Grafton Township Trustees’ counsel Thomas DiCianni, as those in the courtroom awaiting the arrival of Supervisor Linda Moore’s Rockford attorney John Nelson. “You’ve won more than you’ve lost,” … Continue reading

What Happened about the Grafton Township Case in Judge Michael Caldwell’s Courtroom

I wrote a piece on what I heard sitting in the courtroom while the elected Grafton Township combatants’ attorneys tilted in the first post-decision hearing. Out in the hall, Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney John Nelson outlined what had been decided. … Continue reading

Final Words from Linda Moore’s Attorney – Part 5

Bills Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore had refrained from paying at the advice of her attorney John Nelson is the topic of the next section. Who hasn’t been paid? Here are the ones listed in the brief: $19,880.31 – Forensicon … Continue reading

Grafton Township Separation of Powers Case Goes to Court

Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore took her dispute with Township Trustees Betty Zirk, Gerald McMahon, Rob LaPorta and Barbara Murphy to court Wednesday. She’s in civil court seeking injunctive relief to regain her role as chief executive of the township. … Continue reading