Jack Franks Angling for State Comptroller, GOP Fight for State Rep. Seat Imminent

I think State Rep. Jack Franks has decided to run for State Comptroller in 2016. Why? He didn’t show up at the College of DuPage Board meeting to chastise six of the seven Trustees who were about to approve a … Continue reading

By 5-2 Vote McHenry Grade School Board Taxes to the Max

Add McHenry Elementary School District 15 to that list of tax districts planning to take as much money out of local taxpayers’ pockets as state law allows. The legal publication for the public hearing about the proposed levy said the … Continue reading

Bill Prim Sets Feb. 17th Fundraiser

McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim will hold a fundraiser at the Bull Valley Country Club on Monday, February 17th. The affair costs $45 for regular folks, but only $25 for elected officials and precinct committeemen and public safety personnel. … Continue reading

Social Conservatives Picket Jack Franks’ Office against Gay Marriage, Franks Doesn’t Have Time to Talk

John O’Neill, a leader in the Saturday demonstration against State Rep. Jack Franks’ co-sponsorship of a bill that would statutorily codify the legalize abortion in Illinois during the last trimester of pregnancy, sends the following information about the rally against … Continue reading

McHenry Grade School Board Changes Tax Levy Meeting Location

McHenry Grade School Board member John O’Neill says that the location of the Board meeting which will set next year’s tax levy has been changed to the District Office at 1011 N. Green St., in  McHenry. Below is a repeat … Continue reading

An Invitation to Fight Taxes in the McHenry Grade School District

The following email has arrived from McHenry Elementary District School Board member John O’Neill: At the McHenry School District #15 Board of Education meeting held Tuesday, November 13th at Landmark School in McHenry we voted on publishing the “Notice of … Continue reading

Jack Franks Out Campaigning for County Executive Referendum

Jack Franks doesn’t have to worry about Republican Tea Party-inspired Tonya Franklin nipping at his heels this fall, so what’s he doing? He using his energies to pass the County Executive form of government referendum that he gathered signatures for … Continue reading

John O’Neill Holds Fund Raiser

Prairie Isle Golf Club was the site for a Tuesday fund raiser for District 3 McHenry County Board candidate John O’Neill. O’Neill is one of five Republican candidates vying for four slots on the fall 2012 ballot. With incumbent Barb … Continue reading

Lively County Board GOP Primary in District 3 Promised

I missed a good meeting of the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee earlier this month. Besides the main speaker, newly-appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney, other candidates were present to announce their candidacies. McHenry County Board member Barb Wheeler was one … Continue reading