Illinois GOP Congressional Candidates Reveal Monetary Resources, Walsh’s & Hultgren’s Analyzed

Since the deadline for reporting third quarter of the year campaign contributions and expenditures is mid-October, I decided to take a look at how Illinois Republican Congressmen/woman are doing. I looked at the 14th District GOP candidates first. It pits … Continue reading

Manzullo Asks Lisa Madigan to Buck Democratic Party Line

Not much chance of success, I’d suggest, but here is 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo’s press release asking Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to challenge the Health Care Reform bill that President Barack Obama just signed: Manzullo Joins Illinois Colleagues … Continue reading

Congressional Quarterly Now Says Melissa Bean Has a Better Chance of Re-Election

Popping into my inbox this morning is this Congressional Quarterly analysis of marginal congressional districts. Better chances for Republicans nationally, poorer for Democrats. Democrats defending 42 marginal districts, Republicans 7. Locally, 8th congressional district incumbent Melissa Bean drew this comment: … Continue reading