Joe Walsh Endorses Libertarian Julie Fox for Comptroller

A press release from Libertarian candidate for State Comptroller Julie Fox about former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh’s endorsement: Former Congressman Joe Walsh Endorses Julie Fox For Comptroller Julie Fox, Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Comptroller, announced today the formal campaign endorsement … Continue reading

Second Telephone Poll Last Night

Two nights ago I received a “one-minute poll” from an unidentified source. Just three questions. Last night Susan Anderson called to ask me seven questions. The end of the survey said it was from Communications Express at 618-528-5700. Area code … Continue reading

Harvard’s Milk Day Day Parade with Emphasis on Politics – Part 1

I attended my first Milk Day Parade since I served the area in the 1970’s in the Illinois General Assembly Before the parade, I noticed petitions being passed for the Independent candidacy of Jim Harrison for Sheriff. Libertarian candidate for … Continue reading

Libertarians Showing Film at Algonquin Township Saturday at 2

A press release from the Fox Valley Libertarians: Educational Presentation: Award-Winning Film on Nullification The Foundation for a Free Society, in conjunction with the Fox Valley Libertarian Party, presents the Foundation’s award-winning film “Nullification: The Rightful Remedy” on March 23rd … Continue reading

Conservative Blogger, WLS Radio Show Host Tom Roeser Endorses Libertarian Julie Fox

Former Quaker Oats lobbyist, now blogger and Sunday night WLS-Radio talk show host, Tom Roeser is endorsing Libertarian Julie Fox for State Comptroller. Julie was one of my running mates when I ran on the Libertarian Party ticker to Governor … Continue reading

The Old, Old Election Year Comptroller-Treasurer Combination Idea

When I was running for Illinois State Comptroller in 1982, incumbent Roland Burris and I debated before a group of reporters-publishers. I think the Champaign or Urbana debate was sponsored by the Illinois Press Association, but I’m not sure. One … Continue reading

Only CPA Candidate for State Comptroller Holding Wonder Lake Fundraiser Saturday Afternoon

Of all the candidates for State Comptroller, only one is a Certified Public Accountant. She is Julie Fox, the Libertarian Party candidate. Julie led the ticket in 2002, when I ran for Governor against Rod Blagojevich. She got over 4% … Continue reading

Bill Brady Wows Crystal Lake TEA Party Crowd

Governor Pat Quinn has said he started the tea party movement with his inundation of state legislators and Governor Jim Thompson’s office with tea bags when the Illinois General Assembly conspired with Thompson to raise legislative salaries 40% in 1978. … Continue reading