Crystal Laker Tax Preparer Gets 18 Months

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: ONE TAX PREPARER PLEADS GUILTY AND ANOTHER SENTENCED TO FIVE YEARS IN PRISON IN SEPARATE FEDERAL INCOME TAX FRAUD CASES CHICAGO — A former Chicago tax preparer pleaded guilty to filing nearly … Continue reading

Consumer Benefit Services Owners Charged with $22 Million Tax Evasion

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: TWO OWNERS OF NAPERVILLE BUSINESS CHARGED WITH FAILING TO REPORT A TOTAL OF MORE THAN $22 MILLION IN INCOME THEY SHARED CHICAGO — Two owners and executives of a Naperville business that … Continue reading

Nick Hurtgen Indicted in Operation Board Games

The press from the U.S. Attorney’s Office about the indictment of Nick Hurtgen follows: HURTGEN RE-INDICTED FOR ALLEGED ROLE IN AIDING PAY-TO-PLAY FRAUD SCHEME INVOLVING WILL COUNT HOSPITAL PROJECT CHICAGO – A former executive in the Chicago office of Bear … Continue reading