Nunda Township Board Replaces Trustee Ed Dvorak with Losing Candidate for Assessor

Long-time public servant Ed Dvorak retired as a Nunda Township Trustee late last year. That left four members on the Township Board Supervisor Lee Jennings and his ally Trustee¬†Karen Tynis wanted to appoint¬†Justin Franzke to the vacancy. Franzke ran for … Continue reading

Four Applicants for Nunda Township Trustee Vacancy

he resignation of Ed Dvorak from the Nunda Township Board created an opening to be filled by appointment. Applicants follow: William Boltz – Retired union carpenter who lives in Burton’s Bridge, is Republican Precinct Committeeman in Nunda 1 and a … Continue reading

Final Unofficial Results Show Incumbents Win in Nunda Township

They weren’t on the same slate, but Lee Jennings was re-elected Supervisor, Appointed Assessor Mark Dzemske won a full-term and incumbent Mike Lesperance won another four years as Road Commissioner. Results posted on election night by the McHenry County Clerk … Continue reading

Team Nunda Mails Post Card

The largely incumbent “Team Nunda” slate in the Nunda Township Republican Primary Election next Tuesday sent out the following post card: … Continue reading

Nunda Township Trustee Candidates Face Off

Tough to follow a campaign with as many candidates as are running for Nunda Township Trustee, so let’s look at their part of the February 28th ballot: Introductions were the first order of business when the Nunda Township Republican Party … Continue reading

Nunda Township GOP Primary Filings

Nunda Township Republicans will have opposition for every office but Township Clerk. There former Township Trustee and unsuccessful candidate for the GOP nomination for Recorder of Deeds Joni Smith has a lock. She is the only candidate. For Township Supervisor, … Continue reading

Nunda Township GOP Snags Politicos for Celebrity Cook Fund Raiser

Under Brent Smith’s leadership, the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee has held the first of its monthly meetings. There was even a commemorative cake. Now, Nunda Township Republicans are rolling out a fund raising raffle, the prize for which will … Continue reading

Craig Steagall Files Campaign Disclosure Report to Close Out PAC

District 3 county board candidate Craig Steagall has filed his final report for his county board campaign that fell 232 votes short of beating incumbent Barb Wheeler. Steagall came in fourth 32 votes behind Karen Tynis. Joliet’s Merc Strategy Group … Continue reading

District 3 County Board Candidates Sending Mailings

Candidates for the District 3 McHenry County Board seats are starting to send out mailings. I thought you might want to see the ones that I have found. Any candidate in any district who would like to have a bit … Continue reading

ALAW Conflict of Interest Idea Jumps to Crystal Lake City Government

Remember hearing about how forest fires sometimes jump fire breaks that are intended to contain them. That may have happened late last week with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest ordinance. Originally presented to the McHenry … Continue reading

Paula Yensen, Second Incumbent McHenry County Board Member, Files ALAW Conflict of Interest Form

First there was District 5’s Republican Virginia Peschke filling out the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest form. Now her District 2 colleague Democrat Paula Yensen has done so, too. Neither had to do so anymore than … Continue reading

11th McHenry County Board Candidate Voluntarily Discloses Potential Conflict of Interest information

With the submission of the ALAW conflict of interest form, the total now stands at eleven of those county board members who have opened up financial aspects of their personal lives. Republican Veronica Armstrong, who is running for a District … Continue reading

Pro-Life Endorsement for Zane Seipler for Sheriff, County Board Candidates

Illinois Citizens for Life, a statewide pro-life group, has endorsed Zane Seipler for McHenry County Sheriff. Seipler is challenging incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren in the February 2nd Republican primary election. The organization is also endorsing candidates for county board. In … Continue reading