Defenders Re-Cycle in Richmond

A press release from the McHenry County Environmental Defenders: Congratulations Richmond for a Very Successful Recycling Drive WOODSTOCK – Richmond-Burton NHS high school students came out to Richmond city hall on Saturday, September 10th, to donate their time and power to … Continue reading

My Precinct at 5 PM

Readers know that I am following the Lakewood Village Trustee race. In 2011, only 28 people voted and the highest number of votes received by a trustee was 19. There was no contest. In 2013, 37 people went to the … Continue reading

Lakewood Incumbent Gary Sexson Distributes Campaign Piece

Below you can read what incumbent Lakewood Village Trustee Gary Sexson is distributing to voters in his campaign for re-election. (If the other incumbents would like be to post their campaign literature or, for that matter, any other McHenry County … Continue reading

Lakewood Village Board Member Emails His “Take” to Residents

The Lakewood Village Board used to have a 4-3 balance. Village President Erin Smith headed the ruling coalition. The minority consisted of Dorothy and John Pfeuffer (elected in separate years) and Ken Santowski. They lost every contested vote I observed, … Continue reading

Former Village President, Republican Activist Win Lakewood Trustee Spots

After an Executive Session, Village President Erin Smith appointed former Village President Julie Richardson and Blake Hobson, former Nunda Township Trustee and McHenry County Board member, appointed Ways and Means Vice Chairman of the McHenry County Republican and a member … Continue reading

Lakewood Votes to Sell $8.5 Million in Non-Referendum Bonds, Sewer and Water Rates Still To Increase 8%

The average water and sewer bill on the west side of Lakewood is $1,200 a year. By 4-3, the Lakewood Village Board gave first approval to issuance of up to $8.5 million in revenue bonds which the board majority clearly … Continue reading