McSweeney Sets Fund Raiser Sat., October 26th

State Rep. David McSweeney’s has scheduled a fundraiser from 6-8 on Saturday, October 26th, at Wool Street in Barrington. The price is $35, $50 per couple. The Host Committee consists of Lou Bianchi Rich Carter Bob Cook Mark Daniel Geri … Continue reading

Noticing the License Plate Tax Hike to Aid Mainly Downstate Parks

If you drive around Illinois, you will see lots of state parks. They are as common in many non-Chicago metropolitan counties as forest preserves and conservation district sites. The difference is that state taxpayers (disproportionately from the Chicago metropolitan area, … Continue reading

David McSweeney Sworn In as State Representative

I missed the press release below about Dave McSweeney’s having been appointed to succeed appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney, who replaced State Rep. Mark Beaubien. Apparently, Gaffney decided to give McSweeney something of a head start. Seniority doesn’t mean as … Continue reading

Tryon’s Plastic Re-Cycling Bill Bagged by Governor Quinn

The bill that State Rep. Mike Tryon passed to set State standards for re-cycling plastic bags got vetoed by Governor Pat Quinn over the weekend. The report of the veto, a wish-fulfillment of 13-year old Abby Goldberg of Lake Zurich, … Continue reading

Illinois Environmental Council Releases Legislative Ratings

The Illinois Environmental Council has released its ratings and the highest for a McHenry County legislator is Mike Tryon at 79%. State Senator Pam Althoff received a 57% score. Democrat Jack Franks, whom I have dubbed “Chainsaw Jack” for introducing … Continue reading

Medicaid Reform: “Chainsaw Jack” Franks – No; Mike Tryon, Pam Altoff & Dan Duffy – Yes; Kent Gaffney – Absent

The State is in a fiscal pit brought on, I would argue, by far too many people not willing to vote, “No.” Perhaps someone other than I voted “No” more often in the Illinois General Assembly, but I doubt it. … Continue reading

Gaffney Campaign Manager Found to be Posting Comment on McHenry County Blog, Volunteering for McSweeney Campaign on State Time

My heavens. Who would have thought that typing in a comment on McHenry County Blog would end up in a suspension? Well, it was a bit more than that. State Rep. Kent Gaffney’s campaign manager Nick McNeeley also volunteered for … Continue reading

Beaubien Campaign Disclosure Report Gives More Evidence of Desired Candidacy

Sometimes one can learn from campaign disclosure forms. The Political Action Committee created by former State Rep. Mark Beaubien is still active and filed its report Saturday night. The committee started out with $17,600 on January 1st and ended up … Continue reading

New March 30th Law May Prohibit Dee Beaubien from Running for State Representative against Dave McSweeney

For years, the Illinois General Assembly has been trying to limit the people who could challenge incumbents. No more write-in votes for people unless they register with the County Clerk sixty days ahead of time. Even if someone does register, … Continue reading