Kevin Fitzgerald Tallies $7,150 from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Continuing to report on the miscellaneous bonus payments that former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner made from January 1, 2013, until he left office in mid-May of last year, we come to Kevin Fitzgerald. The Northwest Herald article revealed information McHenry … Continue reading

David Moore Found Not Guilty of Misdemeanor Battery of ex-Grafton Township Trustee Gerry McMahon

As a result of an altercation after the October, 2010, Grafton Township Board meeting, David Moore, husband of then-Supervisor Linda Moore, was charged with committing misdemeanor against Township Trustee Gerald McMahon. Today, after a bench trial that lasted two days, … Continue reading

Ancel, Glink Comments on Grafton Township Audit Article

Under the article posted yesterday on the Grafton Township Auditors’ draft report, Ancel, Glink Partner Keri-Lyn Krafthefer posted the following comment: “We at Ancel, Glink share the Trustees’ desire to have the audit completed as quickly as possible.”We have yet … Continue reading

Grafton Township Trustees Appeal Caldwell Order to Hire Supervisor’s Attorney as Township Attorney

It’s not a surprise that the four Grafton Township Trustees have appealed Judge Michael Caldwell’s order that they approve John Nelson as Grafton Township Attorney.   Rockford Attorney Nelson serves as Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney in her separation of … Continue reading

Grafton Township Lawyer Bills Continue to Mount

Complaints have been made about Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney John Nelson’s charging $250 per hour. That’s more than the $185 per hour that Keri-Lyn Krafthefer charged before she was dismissed by a court order from McHenry County Circuit … Continue reading

Grafton Township Suit’s May 4th Transcript

McHenry County Blog has obtained a copy of the transcript of the May 4th court hearing in the separation of powers suit brought by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore last spring after the Township Trustees tried to strip her of … Continue reading

Ancel Glink – $313,000 and Counting for Grafton Township, Wheatland on Tap

Wheatland Patch is running a story about the attempt of three members of the Wheatland Township Board to build a new town hall. Cost $1.5 million. Cast of characters includes a group of uppity citizens. Sounds like Grafton Township two … Continue reading

Judge Caldwell Orders Grafton Township Trustees Zirk, Murphy, LaPorta & McMahon to Approve Moore’s Lawyer as Township Attorney, Appeal Announced, Implementation Delayed

“Do we have to lose every time?” asked Donna McMahon of the Grafton Township Trustees’ counsel Thomas DiCianni, as those in the courtroom awaiting the arrival of Supervisor Linda Moore’s Rockford attorney John Nelson. “You’ve won more than you’ve lost,” … Continue reading

Huntley Police Criminal Probe of Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore Closed

It occurred to me last week that it was time to ask what had happened that investigation by the Huntley Police Department of Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore. “The investigation of Linda Moore is closed.” That was the word from … Continue reading

To the Back of the Room for Photo Taking and Recordings at Grafton Township Meetings

Just as whites were more privileged than blacks on Montgomery Alabama, buses, those trying to video or audio tape and photograph Grafton Township meetings seem to be now less equal than print reporters with pencil and pad. The Public Access … Continue reading

Linda Moore Asks Judge Caldwell to Approve John Nelson as Grafton Township Attorney

At the last meeting of the Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore asked her adversaries on the Township Board to approve the man whose arguments unseated their choice for Township Attorney, Keri Lyn Krafthefer, in Judge Michael Caldwell’s court. To no … Continue reading

A Reader Figures Out What the Grafton Township Follow-Up Court Order Says

Earlier McHenry County Blog presented the December 15, 2010, court order drawn up by Ancel Glink Partner Thomas DiCianni. It tied up a couple of loose ends, but certainly not all, that resulted from the 37-page opinion earlier this month … Continue reading

Both Sides “Claim Victory,” Daily Herald Headline Says

“Both sides claim victory after Grafton ruling” That’s the headline in the Daily Herald’s belated article about Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision in the separation of powers case brought by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore after the four Township Trustees tried … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Irony

The authors of the 2009 edition of Township Officials of Illinois’ “Laws and Duties Handbook” are from the law firm of Ancel Glink. The handbook’s lead author is Grafton Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. The 37-page court order from McHenry County … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Irony

Now comes into the email box of McHenry County Blog a decision by the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor. In early December Cynthia Schenk asked the McHenry County Conservation District for a list of hunters allowed on district property. … Continue reading

Grafton Township Court Order Fires Pam Fender and Ancel Glick – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog summarized Judge Michael Caldwell’s conclusions in the lawsuit filed by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore against her fellow Grafton Township Board members, Trustees Gerry McMahon, Rob LaPorta, Barbara Murphy and Betty Zirk. Today, we’ll look at … Continue reading

The Entire 37 Page Decision on Linda Moore v. Grafton Township Trustees & Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer

This 37 image post is for hard-core Grafton Township folks. It comprises Judge Michael Caldwell’s entire decision in Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s suit against her Township Trustees and Township Attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer of Ancel Glink, the Township Attorney that she … Continue reading

Judge Michael Caldwell Grants Linda Moore Day-to-Day Operating Authority of Grafton Township, Power to Hire and Fire Employees and Township Attorney – Part 1

In the Grafton Township separation of powers case filed by Township Supervisor Linda Moore against her Township Trustees, Moore largely won. Judge Caldwell wrote, “What was done here by this board to the supervisor was not a policy but rather … Continue reading