McHenry Grade School District Fails to Respond to Open Meetings Complaint

McHenry Elementary School District 15 met behind closed doors in a manner which member Erik Sivertsen deemed inappropriate. He filed a complaint with the Public Access Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. The AG’s Office asked for a responsea … Continue reading

Attorney General Probing Erik Sivertsen Complaint about His McHenry Grade School Board Violating the Open Meetings Act

Here’s Assistant Attorney General Matt Hartman reacting to McHenry Elementary School Board member Erik Sivertsen’s complaint about his board’s having held an illegal secret meeting: Ms. Kimbely Qualls President McHenry Elementary School District 15 1011 North Green Street McHenry, Illinois … Continue reading

The School Employees on the McHenry Grade School Board

Another article tomorrow tells of an effort in Kansas to find out the relationships of school board members to family members with jobs in their school districts and members who have jobs in other school districts. Under the article about Paul … Continue reading