Kids on Bicycles Hit by Landscaping Truck on Lake Avenue Near Crystal Creek

No news has appeared in a press release yet, but neighbors of where Crystal Creek flows from Crystal Lake report that children riding bikes were hit by a landscaping truck. The Crystal Lake Police Department says no one was killed. … Continue reading

More Bike Paths in the Future for Lakewood, $1.4 Million Grant for Lakewood Road Repaving and Paths

This in a continuation of the the winter newsletter from Lakewood Village President Erin Smith. Bicycle Path for Lakewood Road and Lake Avenue Our residents have consistently identified the construction of bicycle paths along major arterial streets as a priority … Continue reading

Lakewood Roads Clear as Fire Truck Makes CO Call

Morning came and the snow was high. And, there was a beeping noise in the Skinner household. It was in the basement next to the furnace. The carbon monoxide detector. The furnace was off, but why? Expert in all sorts … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Haze

Driving to the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake’s Methodist Men’s breakfast, I saw a sight I have seen before. Sunlight shining through the haze on Lake Avenue in Lakewood. Maybe you would call it fog. In any event, … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Roadkill

The message today really requires Smell-a-Blog. Since that has not yet been invented, these pictures of a dead skunk about ten feet from our mailbox on Lake Avenue in Lakewood, Illinois, will have to do. Last night after nine we … Continue reading