Moore Says Trustees are Lawsuit “Addicts” Having Spent $347,000 vs. Her $53,000, Motive Is Her Defeat of New Township Hall

A press release from Grafton Supervisor Linda Moore: GRAFTON TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES ADDICTED TO LEGAL FEES Supervisor Linda Moore said today that the Grafton Township Trustees, Rob LaPorta Betty Zirk Barbara Murphy Gerald McMahon appear to be addicted to spending taxpayer … Continue reading

Neither Bianchi Nor Nygren Use Campaign Funds for Legal Expenses

Two local official holders in opposite factions of the McHenry County Republican Party have had legal expenses in the last half year, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren. We know where Bianchi’s legal fees … Continue reading

An Over Million Dollar Offer the County Board Can’t Refuse

The Northwest Herald’s Kevin Craver had an exclusive yesterday about a deal being considered by the McHenry County Board to dig itself out of the financial hole its unquestioning members have dug. Without demanding detailed bills from Judge Gordon Graham, … Continue reading

The Grafton Township Legal Bills for March and April, 2011

The legal bills of Grafton Township for March and April, 2011, follow: The analysis shows that of the$16,313.20, 82.3% was billed by Ancel Glink, the law firm representing Grafton Township’s Trustees.  The dollar amount is $13,430.05. John Nelson, attorney for … Continue reading

Grafton Township Meeting Ends in a Whimper

All the air was sucked out of the 7 PM Annual Town Meeting of Grafton Township as Linda Moore’s opponents won the vote in the Special Town Meeting that started an hour before. The Annual Town Meeting started about twenty … Continue reading

Legal Fees Paid Mainly to James Sotos’ Defense of Sheriff Keith Nygren in Zane Seipler’s Wrongful Termination Suit

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed you the legal expenses resulting from the dismissal of Sheriff’s Deputy Zane Seipler. That case has been through arbitration, which Seipler won, circuit court, which Seipler won, and is now in the 2nd Appellate Court. … Continue reading

Taxpayer Side of Zane Seipler’s Arbitration Suit

McHenry County Blog posted the legal fees paid by county taxpayers recently in the case re-instating Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Schlenkert. Although Schlenkert won the case almost eleven months ago, Sheriff Keith Nygren hasn’t settled up on issues of back pay … Continue reading

$31,000 in County Legal Fees in Schlenkert Case, $14,000 after Appellate Court Decision

Yesterday McHenry County Blog pointed out that reinstated Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Schlenkert has not been given his back pay or any other compensation for the wrongs found done to him by the judicial system. Today, let’s look at what the … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Releases Henry Tonigan Bills Under Pressure from Attorney General

The McHenry County Board’s decision-makers have released the bills and court orders even members of the Finance and Audit Committee were not important enough to show. The bills, however, are not anything like what your or I would receive from … Continue reading

County Auditor Pam Palmer Echoes County Board on FOI Denial of Special Prosecutor’s Bill

Saturday afternoon at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic, I asked McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer if she had gotten the Freedom of Information request that I sent just before closing. She was on top it. She said she didn’t have … Continue reading

Grafton Township Trustees Outspend Supervisor 4 to 1

With Judge Michael Caldwell’s decision on the Grafton Township separate of power suit due to be announced Monday morning, it seems appropriate to take a look at what the dispute has cost Grafton Township taxpayers in legal fees. Ancel Glink, … Continue reading

Huntley School District 158 Spends $250,000 on Lawyers

Since the Huntley-based Grafton Township has spent so much on legal fees, the report on legal fees to the Huntley School Board caught my attention. You can read the detail below by clicking on the images and a summary not … Continue reading

Grafton Township Ancel Glink $40,000 in Legal Bills for April Higher than March’s $36,400

In March, Ancel Glink billed Grafton Township $36,432. Think that’s high? In April, the bill was for $39,994.88. There was $5,226.25 to advise on “Corporate” matters. Another $28,373.75 to prepare for the separate of powers suit filed by Supervisor Linda … Continue reading

McHenry County College Refuses to Reveal Legal Expenses

Even though Grafton Township has no problem letting me see the multi-ten thousand legal expense bills of Ancel Glink, McHenry County College refuses to release the 2008 bills of its Chicago law firm Robbins Schwartz Nicholas Lifton & Taylor and … Continue reading

Grafton Township Critic Says Let Other Governments Absorb Its Functions

McHenry County Blog has some thoughtful thinkers. One has posted the comment below under the last article. Certainly people are talking about abolishing Grafton Township.   Two trustees have told me that might even favor the idea. I found one … Continue reading