Chicago Tribune – Six Days Late on ACORN, Seven, If You Count Internet Stories

I read the Chicago Tribune pretty thoroughly. This week after the Fox News expose on community organizing group ACORN Friday, a week ago, I was watching for stories. The TEA Party folks had ACORN’s number. You can see that from … Continue reading

Borders and Algonquin Commons Hostile to September 12th Demonstrators

Yesterday, the police call from Moretti’s restaurant (where Govnor’s Pub used to be) was featured. The young manager apparently didn’t know where his restaurant’s front property line was. For future reference, electric and telephone poles are usually at the end … Continue reading

Businesses Against Freedom of Speech and Association

In my first article on the Randall Road demonstrations Sunday, I promised an article on “so those who oppose the First Amendment can know who to patronize.” It works the other way around, of course. Both Lake in the Hills … Continue reading

Hundreds Line Randall Road in Conservative Demonstration – Part 3,The Jewel Remnant

Previously, I have shown what the Randall Road Liberty Trail demonstration looked like south and north of Algonquin Road. This has more close-ups.  Look at those holding signs. See if they fit your stereotype of people who protest in America. … Continue reading

Demonstrators on Randall Road from 11-1 Saturday

The demonstration is planned for Randall Road from 11-1 on Saturday. It will stretch from Crystal Lake to North Aurora. Since most of Randall Road runs through 14th District Congressman Bill Foster’s district (from the McHenry-Kane County line south), my … Continue reading