Report on Community College Springfield Lobby Day

This comes from Elgin Community College Trustee Robert Getz: Each year, the Trustees from Elgin Community College (ECC) travel to Springfield to participate in the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Lobby Day. This year’s Lobby Day was April 29, … Continue reading

Have the Illinois Teachers Federation Lobbyists No Morals? Plus the House Roll Call

It wasn’t the lead story on the front page of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, but it certainly could have been. Two teacher union lobbyists stand to get pensions larger than teachers–as a retired teacher pointed out to me as I was … Continue reading

WBBM Thinks Some Ads More Political Than Others

Over a two-day period, I heard two issue advocacy radio ads on WBBM. One was preceded by a disclaimer saying it was a political ad. The other wasn’t. The one with the disclaimer, making it less likely that people would … Continue reading