Lakewood TIF Timeline

Rural Woodstock resident Susan Handelsman offer the following summary of Lakewood’s Tax Increment Financing District: Lakewood TIF Timeline: 1.Late 2014-Early 2015; Lakewood announced plans for, and voted into existence, a 600+ acre tif district which would include a Sportsplex on … Continue reading

Lakewood’s $66 Million TIF Budget Includes $1 Million for Low Income Housing

This is found on page 32 of the Lakewood Tax Increment Financing District feasibility study: The line at the bottom has stirred some interest. It shows $1 million for “affordable housing construction.” Lakewood has been put on a watch list … Continue reading

Low Income Housing Prompts Cary Controversary, Village Board Meeting Tonight

It’s 8 AM today at a Cary real estate office. The Realtor is expecting a visitor. A man walks in and the Realtor greets him. “You must be (name withheld)?” “No I’m (another person).  Based on what I see going … Continue reading