CL TIF Districts

This year McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has made it easy to find what Tax Increment Financing Districts are extracting from our pocketbooks. Since my tax bill is composed of most of the tax districts into which Crystal Lakers pay, … Continue reading

Is Another Crystal Lake TIF District in the Offiing?

I claim no knowledge that the Crystal Lake City Council might be contemplating another Tax Increment Financing District east of the one altering the “streetscape” between the stone cemetery monuments at Pizza Hut and across the street from Kwik Kopy. … Continue reading

Route 14 Crystal Lake TIF Business Owners Not Happy

And, they shouldn’t be. Business owners in the Main Street project seem to have been assured that the condemnation powers authorized by the Tax Increment Financing law will not be used on them. When questioned about use of condemnation in … Continue reading

Crystal Lake TIF-Fighting Flyer: Mayor Shepley/Council Plan Tax Hike

As much as $6 million a year tax shift from businesses in two proposed Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs) to us homeowners and other businesses has been proposed by the Mayor and City Council. Over 23 years, something in the … Continue reading

Crystal Lake’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts To Raise Your Taxes

Crystal Lake has recently proposed two Tax Increment Financing districts, one along Main Street and the other along Route 14. Both will result in your tax rates being raised in future years as other local tax districts try to compensate … Continue reading