Precinct Committeemen Petition Challenges

There were Republican Precinct Committeeman candidates who had their petitions challenged in two townships McHenry Township\ Nunda Township When that happens, one can usually assume that there is a contest for Republican Central Committee Chairman. The Nunda Township challenges will … Continue reading

No Surprise to Tax Hiking Goal of McHenry County College

When I saw that “Election Workshop” item on the agenda of the special meeting of the McHenry County Board for Tuesday, I called and asked the President’s Office what was up. The woman I talked to did not know. I … Continue reading

Why Was Jack Franks the Only Democrat to Vote “No” on the Congressional Remap?

I commented on State Rep. Jack Franks’ having criticized the reapportionment process, but voting for the terribly gerrymandered map his Democratic Party leaders concocted for the Illinois General Assembly. The article was entitled, “Jack Franks Wants It Both Ways on … Continue reading

New State Rep. Maps Appear on Speaker’s Web Site – But They Are From 2001

Go figure. There are two reapportionment web sites out there. The 2001 is still active and that’s what I happened upon last night before I wrote the article below, which might be useful for historical purposes but has nothing to … Continue reading

McHenry County Reapportionment Machinations in SE McHenry County

In the last article, McHenry County Blog showed the three maps developed by Dr. Michael Fortner. Now, let’s focus on where the action is, the Southeaster part of McHenry County. That’s where the bulk of the residents live, of course. … Continue reading

Opponents of New Grafton Township Hall Send Mailing about Annual Town Meeting

To lots of Grafton Township voters, what’s in this article won’t be a surprise. But others outside of the township might be interested in the latest move in the continuing contest between the forces backing Township Supervisor Linda Moore and … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Reveals More Than Ever Before about School St. Louis Tax Hike Firm Unicom-ARC

Just under a month ago Northwest Herald reporter Brett Rowland rocked the McHenry County College political firmament by revealing that the college was considering holding a tax hike referendum: Northwest Herald Reporter Discerns Real Reason for McHenry County College’s $137,750 … Continue reading

MCC MAP Meeting – Part 3 – Enrollment Increase & Who Pays What

This is the third part of my article on the MCC MAP meeting Tuesday night The McHenry County College Promise, Todd McDonald told me, has already completely processed 650 high school graduates. Another 170 or so await a report from … Continue reading