Reporting from Within the March that Shut Down Lake Shore Drive Shows Influence of American Communists

Reprinted with permission from John Ruberry’s Marathon Pundit blog, which is on my list or regular reading: Pictures from the Chicago anti-violence march that you won’t see in the mainstream media Your beloved Blogger Laureate of Illinois hit the streets … Continue reading

Illinois Blogger Calls Jack Franks a “Thug Pol” for Blocking Freedom of Information Requests

From Marathon Pundit. Re-published with permission. Illinois Democratic thug pol moves to silence blogger Illinois Democratic thuggery reaches far beyond Chicago. Take for instance Jack Franks of rural Marengo in McHenry County northwest of the city. When he was a … Continue reading

Com Ed’s Infrastructure Financing and the Last Com Ed Scam

I don’t claim any expertise concerning electric utilities Commonwealth Edison’s and Ameren’s wanting customers to pay for upgrading its system. But, it does seem to me that getting the electricity to homes and businesses is part of the business of … Continue reading

"Bean is a coward, plain and simple."

That’s what Marathon Pundit John Ruberry concluded after he learned that tonight 8th District Democratic Party Congresswoman Melissa Bean is holding a telephone town meeting. Ruberry just happened to be listening to Mancow Muller’s WLS-AM show and heard about the … Continue reading

The Obama Tours – Official and Ever-So-Unofficial

Saturday, the Chicago Sun-Times printed a map showing a tour for President Barack Obama fans. It’s called “The Obama Trail.” But there is another Obama tour, something like the Tour of Scandals that used to (and may still) exist in … Continue reading