Hot Contest Expected for GOP Committeemen Slots

As those who follow Republican politics know, the Establishment was outworked by those grouped around McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi in the last Primary Election. Not only did Bill Prim narrowly beat Establishment-endorsed Chief Deputy Sheriff Andy Zinke, but … Continue reading

Mark DeVries Gets National Award for Discover & Promotion of Beet Juice Anti-Ice Road Treatment

McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler offers the following on an award given to McHenry County Transportation Department Maintenance Superintendent Mark DeVries: “I am pleased to announce that the McHenry County Division of Transportation (MCDOT) Maintenance Superintendent Mark DeVries was … Continue reading

Dorr Township Planning Committee Recommends Asking Residents Whether to Spend Surplus or Rebate It

At the Monday budget hearing Grafton Township residents asked why a Township Planning Commission had not been appointed. Apparently, applicants were solicited and received. This was also the topic of a motion at the last Annual Meeting of the township’s … Continue reading

Lakewood and McHenry County Highway Folks Honored at Defenders’ Annual Meeting

For banning phosphate fertilizer, the Village of Lakewood won the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County Theta Award last night at McHenry’s Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church. Accepting the award on behalf of Village President Julie Richardson was Village Administrator … Continue reading

It’s Looking a Lot Like Bull Valley

This road, that is. Some call it Walkup Avenue, others the McHenry Blacktop. McHenry folks may call it the Crystal Lake Blacktop. And, yesterday, I heard it called Walkup Road. Whatever one calls it, this portion of the road is … Continue reading