Pat Quinn Maintains His Tax Hiking Reputation

Appointed in 2009 when predecessor Rob Blagojevich was impeached, Governor Pat Quinn stood for election. Right after his only election, Quinn convinced losing Democrats to increase the state income tax by 67%. Lots of them got cushy state jobs. Now … Continue reading

MCC Board Picks Architect

After a long and secret retreat, the McHenry County College selected the architectural firm of Demonica Kempter Architects (DKA). (Fortunately, I brought three newspapers and a new science fiction novel to read while waiting in the hall.) The firm was … Continue reading

Board Winnows Down Architectural-Space Utilization Firms to Two

There was no official vote taken, but preferences were expressed after three Architectural Services-Space Utilization applicants made their pitches to the McHenry County College Board Thursday night. The three finalists were Holabird & Root Wight & Company Demonica Kemper Architects … Continue reading

McHenry County College Passes Flat Levy, Taxes Will Decrease

The three newly-elected McHenry County College Board members joined with the Board President they elected to pass a property tax levy that will collect the same amount next year as this year. The zero increase levy was originally on the … Continue reading

MCC Administration Continues Pitch to Maximize Real Estate Tax Income

McHenry County College’s Committee of the Whole meeting was carefully orchestrated to lead at least one of the four members who said they wanted a flat property tax levy next year to change his or her mind. First there was … Continue reading

Judge Michael Feetterer Has Successful Fundraiser

Circuit Court Judge Michael Feetterer filled the room at Marzano’s Italian Restaurant in McHenry. Standing room only. Candidates for other officers attended. People were passing petitions. Two of three McHenry County Clerk candidates, Nick Provenzano and Mary McClellan, were in … Continue reading

MCC Trustees Vote for Flat Budget

By a 4-3 vote, the newly-elected McHenry County College Board members, plus the man they elected Board President, outvoted the longer term Trustees. “If we don’t vote to approve [the lower] alternative budget, we have lost the chance to give … Continue reading

MCC Board Holds Secret Retreat

Perhaps the title should be “MCC Board Holding Secret Retreat” because as I write this McHenry County Board members, President Vicky Smith and Illinois Community College Association facilitator Gary Davis are meeting in the college’s Shah Center in McHenry. The … Continue reading

McHenry County College Board Rejects 2.82% Raise for Administrators

The McHenry County College Board deadlocked on a motion to increase the salaries of administrators by 2.82% Thursday night. Previously, administrators were shopping around a 3.7% increase. That would have been the 1.7% increase in the Consumer Price Index, upon … Continue reading

Robotics and Machining Program Win Remodeling, Construction, Sage Products Offer Dismissed for Time Being

To create “a talent pipeline to replace the workers that are currently retiring…in the highly technical field of manufacturing,” the McHenry County College Board voted 5-2 at its Thursday Board meeting to approve over $2.3 million in remodeling and construction … Continue reading

MCC President Vicky Smith as “Conduit”

At Thursday night’s meeting, the hottest topic was McHenry County College President Vicky Smith’s assertion that pretty much all questions about the college from Trustees had to go through her. She cited language in her contract that said she was … Continue reading

MCC President Vicky Smith Gets Contract Extended, But Pay Raise Suspended; Newcomers Elect Ron Parrish Board President

Below is the report upon which the old McHenry County College Board voted for 5-2. Well, it’s not quite what the Board voted on. The Board did not set President Vicky Smith’s compensation. Read the report carefully. Voting in favor … Continue reading

Two Days Before President’s Contract Renewal, McHenry County College Taxpayers Pay for Full-Page, Self-Promotional Ad in NWH

Full-page, full-color. One has to hand it to McHenry County College. The Board is sparing no expense to provide “cover” for the extension of MCC President Vicky Smith’s contract by the old Board members on Thursday night at 6:30. And … Continue reading

MCC Board Follows Northwest Herald’s Advice, Kicks Vicky Smith’s Contract Renewal Down Road to Last Day in Office for Three Members

I wish I had managed to make it to the McHenry County College Board meeting earlier. From what Woodstock Advocate blogger Gus Philpott said in the public comment section of the meeting, the room was packed with college employees when … Continue reading

Health Club, etc., Discussed at MCC Meeting

The question of whether it is a conflict of interest for Power Wellness to be paid $50,000 to determine if a health club should be built at McHenry County College which Power Wellness might end up operating surfaced at Tuesday … Continue reading

Head of McHenry County College Board Replies to Steven Willson’s Critique, Willson Replies

Here is the reply of Mary Miller, who chairs the MCC Board, to Stephen Willson’s critique of the Wight & Company’s expansion and remodeling proposal Critic of the McHenry County College 3% Annual 40-Year Enrollment Projections Says They Deserve an … Continue reading

New College Board Members Sworn In

A press release from McHenry County College: MCC BOARD WELCOMES NEW TRUSTEES [May 2, 2011.Crystal Lake, IL] The McHenry County College Board of Trustees welcomed newly-elected trustees Cynthia Kisser of Wonder Lake, Linda Liddell of Crystal Lake and Dennis Adams … Continue reading