78-Year Old Chicago Democrat Gambling Man Gets Off with Six Months on Tax Charges

A press release from the U.S.Attorney’s Office: WILLIAM BEAVERS SENTENCED FOR FAILING TO PAY TAXES ON CAMPAIGN AND COUNTY FUNDS USED FOR PERSONAL PURPOSES CHICAGO — WILLIAM BEAVERS, a former Cook County Commissioner and, before that, a longtime Chicago alderman … Continue reading

Illegal Alien Sentenced for $480,000 Unemployment Comp Fraud

A press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office: CHICAGO MAN SENTENCED TO THREE YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON FOR DEFRAUDING ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CHICAGO — A Chicago man was sentenced today to three years in federal prison for engaging … Continue reading

Five, including Female School Board Member & Transportation Director, Indicted in $800,000 School Bus Kickback Scheme

This press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office tells of how a female North Chicago School Board member conspired with the female Transportation Director to get kickbacks from school bus companies. I mention the public officials’ gender because it is … Continue reading