Donna Kurtz Seeks Republican Nod for County Treasurer

From Donna Kurtz: Donna Kurtz Seeks the Republican Nomination for the McHenry County Treasurer Donna Kurtz Donna Kurtz (R-Crystal Lake) formally announces she will seek the Republican nomination for McHenry County Treasurer. The Primary Election will be held on June … Continue reading

NWH Runs Article about Chuck Wheeler’s Illinois Integrity Fund Suit

In today’s Northwest Herald article about McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler’s suit against those behind three 2016 Republican Primary Election hit pieces, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is quoted as the source of Wheeler’s health benefits and mileage … Continue reading

Dr. Anne Majewski’s Retirement Letter as Coroner

McHenry County Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski submitted a letter a resignation to the McHenry County Board on February 21st. February 21, 2019 TO: McHenry County Board 2200. North Seminary Avenue Woodstock IL 60098 CC: Jack Franks, McHenry County Board Chairman … Continue reading

Considering the Proposed Valley Hi Surplus Rebate

Past Republican Party County Board members can take full credit for overtaxing local residents for the county’s nursing home, Valley Hi. Voters passed a referendum to build a new complex and Board members decided to keep the money rolling in … Continue reading

Jack Franks Valley Hi Rebate Plan Excludes Business

This letter recently appeared in the Northwest Herald.   It is reproduced here with permission from its author, Woodstock resident Curtis Payne. Against Jack Franks Jack Franks wants to give back a one-time payment to the taxpayers of $150. So what happens … Continue reading

Is McSweeney Bill to Grossly Increase Power of Jack Franks Constitutional?

The following comment from “Cheap Goat” sounds like a legal opinion to meL The “McHenry County Equitable Standards and Government Efficiency Law” is as phony as a three dollar bill. It’s special purpose legislation. And special purpose legislation is expressly … Continue reading

Jack Franks on His Naked Power Grab in His Own Words

At Tuesday night’s McHenry County Board meeting Chairman Jack Franks could not wait his turn before trying to defuse the powder keg that introduction of St. Rep. David McSweeney’s bill to increase his power beyond that of any other county … Continue reading

David McSweeney Transfers Sponsorship of Jack Franks’ Power Enhancement Bill, Franks Decides He Doesn’t Want People Thinking He Was Behind It

The major actors in the legislation that would make McHenry County Boar Chairman perhaps the most powerful county chairman in Illinois made major moves yesterday. McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks disavowed his lust for power in the following statement … Continue reading

GOP Chairman Issues “Call to Action” Against McSweeney Bill to Give Jack Franks Almost Dictatorial Power

From McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen: Call To Action HB 3317 has been introduced in Springfield by Representative David McSweeney, after working with Mr. Franks. A copy of the Bill [can be found here] so that you can … Continue reading

GOP Recommends Joe Gottemoller to Fill Out Mike Walkup’s Term on County Board

A press release from the McHenry County Republican Party: Joe Gottemoller Endorsed by McHenry County Republican Central Committee for County Board Dist 3 McHenry County Republican Central committee endorses recently former County Board member Joe Gottemoller to fill the vacancy … Continue reading

McSweeney Introduces Bill to Give Jack Franks Tremendously More Power, Abolish Independently-Elected Auditor’s Office, Power of County Board Pretty Much Disappears

This article was published late Friday. I am putting it back on top because it represents the most audacious grab for virtually absolute power in county government that I can imagine. He could only make himself more powerful by having … Continue reading

More on Jack Franks’ Riding Roughshod over County Board Members’ Rights

KnowExtremist, a commenter, adds this bit of history of Jack Franks’ usurping County Board members’ authority: Additionally, the former Management Services committee, which was traditionally charged with Rules rewrites at the beginning of each new two year Board term, was … Continue reading

Is David McSweeney Bill Part of Jack Franks’ Plan to Cripple Two Female Elected Officials?

Thinking through the unintended and/or intended consequences of State Rep. David McSweeney’s bill to provide McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks with line item veto power, I’ve come up with come up with another possibility. Remember how Franks wanted to … Continue reading

Could Leverage Over Other Countywide Elected Officials Be the Reason Jack Franks Wants County Board Governor Power?

Since State Rep. David McSweeney shared with the Northwest Herald part of the contents of his bill to reshape McHenry County government by providing Chairman Jack Franks with line item veto power, albeit with a Board veto override power to … Continue reading

Jack Franks Nominates Republican Joe Gottemoller, Who Lost Board Race, to Replace Mike Walkup on County Board

Former County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller was has been recommended for appointment to replace Mike Walkup, who resigned late last year. Gottemoller was bested for the opportunity to run against Franks for Board Chairman in the 2016 GOP Primary Election … Continue reading

County Auditor Catches Jack Franks’ Overcharging for Parking

Jack Franks has sought to abolish the elected office of McHenry County Auditor. He wanted to place his choice in the office temporarily until a County Board-authorized referendum could be passed last November. And then institute an Inspector General as … Continue reading