McHenry County Citizens for Choice Picket Skillicorn CL Chamber Appearance

State Rep.Allen Skillicorn spoke to a Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce group yesterday . He was greeting by women wearing red from the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, whose Facebook page reported: “Six McHenry County Handmaids braved freezing temperatures in … Continue reading

Political, Governmental & Religious Booths at the County Fair – Part 1

Took a trip to the McHenry County Fair Wednesday afternoon looking for things political. Of course, the Fair itself is a political entity–one that tried to banish Pro-Life and religious entries to a “Faith Tent,” but more on that later. … Continue reading

More on the County Fair Isolation of Pro-Life Booths

A couple of days ago, I posted the Thomas More Law Center’s letter to the McHenry County Fair Association regarding the forced relocation of three Pro-Life booths. Now, I have come into possession of a description of two phone calls … Continue reading

Thomas More Society Complains to County Fair about 2015 Pro-Life Booth “Segregation”

The following letter from attorney Thomas Olp has been sent by the Thomas More Law Center to the governing body of the McHenry County Fair: The letter complains about religious-based Pro-Life organizations being relegated to a “Faith Tent” or building … Continue reading

McHenry County Fair Sets Up Faith Ghetto

The management of the McHenry County Fair apparently has a problem with religious-based exhibitors. The Association has notified a number of exhibitors with a religious bent that they will be removed from their past locations, where the general public walked … Continue reading

Political Aspects of the McHenry County Fair

Thursday afternoon I did my usual walk around the McHenry County Fair looking for things political. It’s an election year, so I was optimistic I would find a lot. The following are listed in order of my sighting them.  I … Continue reading

Slim Pickings for Political Watchers at the McHenry County Fair

It’s an off year for politics. The major partisan elections are next year. Maybe that’s the reason. Jack Franks’ tent is near the entrance, but he wasn’t there so I didn’t take a photo.  (Later I was told he was … Continue reading

Personal PAC Endorsements in McHenry County Government

The pro-abortion Personal PAC does not list its fall endorsements on its web site. Just the primary picks. But thanks to the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, McHenry County Blog can share them with you. Here’s the introduction, “Personal PAC … Continue reading

Lobbying on Abortion at the McHenry County Fair

As last year, the McHenry County Fair had representatives from the Pro-Choice and the Pro-Life side of the abortion issue. The Pro-Choicers, represented by the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, had their usual booth and the Pro-Lifers had three booths, … Continue reading

McHenry County Fair Board Avoids Bad Publicity Engendered by Lake County Fair’s Initial Refusal to Allow Pro-Life Booths with Gestation Models

Last year Pro-Life forces had a powerful presence at the McHenry County Fair. A new group called Peter’s Net had large models of gestation. The models were so eye-catching that a commercial booth across the aisle which seemed to be … Continue reading

The McHenry County Fair – Political Angles

While the teen were exploring other parts of the McHenry County Fair on Friday, I went looking for things political. Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks’ tent was first.  It was closest to the free parking. Then,  I saw the … Continue reading

The Abortion Stands of Local Candidates, According to Those Favoring No Limits on the Operation

Does the headline shock you? Could it be that anyone wants to allow a baby to be aborted the day before its due date? That’s the law now in Illinois and Personal PAC doesn’t want any limitations on current law. … Continue reading