How Local Democrats Spent JB Pritzker’s Money Last Fall

With $34,199.99 being funneled through the Democratic Central Committee of Rock Island County by JB Pritzker, the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee was able to run a $32,032.37 fall campaign and have $11,645.89 left over. Maybe the committee will use … Continue reading

“An American” Is Becoming a Regular on Extended Commentary

Under the Sunday article about the election of McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Kristina Zahorik as head of the Illinois Democratic Party Chairs’ Association, “An American” has this to say: Oh please. The Bernie people endorsed her opponent, Alison Squires, … Continue reading

“Out of Towner” Reflects on Election Results

Here is an analysis by a commented calling him/herself “Out of Towner:” Re: “Democratic Party candidates for Congress won McHenry County.” Due to the efforts of [Kristina] Zahorik and McHenry County Committeemen or due to what a Politician can do … Continue reading

McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Heads Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association

A press release from the Illinois County Chairs’ Association: President Doug House Resigns; Democratic party Chairs Unanimous in Electing Kristina Zahorik as new leader McHenry County Chair is first female to serve a President of the statewide Democratic association SPRINGFIELD, … Continue reading

McHenry County Dems Gets Another Almost $12,000 from Pritzker

As previously reported, the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee received, on July 31st,  $11,833.33 of the $1 million JB Pritzker gave to the Democratic Central Committee of Rock Island County. On September 16th (today), another $11,833.33 contribution to local Democrats was reported. … Continue reading

Democrats on Parade in Johnsburg

When I started writing the article on Jack Franks parading in Johnsburg, I mis-titled it “Democrats on Parade.” It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures following his that I realized the highest ranking Democrat had separated himself from other … Continue reading

The Labor Day Rally from a Participant’s Viewpoint

Yesterday, I was able to post little more than photos of the Labor Day Rally held in the Woodstock Square. Then it started raining. Here is what happened as Patrick Murfin, one of the speakers and blogger at Heretic, Rebel, … Continue reading

McHenry County Progressives Rally in Woodstock Square

Democratic Party and faithful gathered in the Woodstock Square to celebrate Labor Day. Compare the crowd with the sunny June weekday rally put on by the union for state employees–AFSCME. The sign over the bandstand read, “Labor Day, McHenry County … Continue reading

Reflecting on the Democratic Party Heading Down the Socialist Path in McHenry County

As the McHenry County Democratic Party celebrates socialism in Woodstock across the street from where Socialist Party Presidential candidate Eugene Debs served time in the County Jail , Ersel Schuster, former McHenry County Board member, shares her opinion: Socialism, Is … Continue reading

District 2 Dems Meeting at Pablo’s Friday Evening

From McHenry County District 2 Democrats: District 2 Meeting Friday, August 31, 2018 at 7 PM District 2 will be holding a candidate literature/volunteer training event this Friday, August 31st, at 7:00 pm at Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant located at 230 … Continue reading

District 6 Dems Plan Coffee in Harvard Saturday

From the website of the McHenry County Democratic Party: SATURDAY COFFEE IN HARVARD Strategize with the Facts and Issues SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2018 AT 9:30 AM HOME EVENTS MEETINGS  D6 SATURDAY COFFEE IN HARVARD Meet and greet other concerned voters … Continue reading

Celebrating Socialism in Woodstock on Labor Day

Democratic Party McHenry County Board candidate Carlos Acosta has invited folks to celebrate socialism in the Woodstock Square on Labor Day, as you can see below: Found the original announcement on the Democratic Party’s web site, which is reproduced below: … Continue reading

How Local Dems Spent their Money from April Through June

The McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee show having raised almost $19,000 from April through now. The total was boosted that high by about $12,000 from JB Pritzker funneled though the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association. In the second quarter … Continue reading

Buoyed by Almost $13,000 in Pritzker Money, Local Dems Have $19,000 Showing on Campaign Disclosure Reports

McHenry County Democrats have about $19,000 available as the November elections start heating up. The biggest contribution–$11,833.33–came from gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker. It was funneled through the Democratic Central Committee of Rock Island County. Another $1,000 came directly from the … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 16 – Tom Georges

Walking slightly behind the Drew Georgi entry in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade was Tom Georges. He looked like a candidate, so I asked him what he was running for. “State Senate” was the answer. He is running against incumbent … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 15 – Drew Georgi

The final candidate in the Democratic Party’s long entry was Drew Georgi. He is running for McHenry County Clerk with the assistance of the dark, anonymous, scurilous assistance of the Illinois Integrity Fund of which he probably has no knowledge. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 14 – Trisha Zubert

Volo resident Trisha Zubert is running to replace State Rep. Barbara Wheeler. Zubert was in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade as part of the Democratic Party’s contingent. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 13 – Suzanne Ness

Susanne Ness is running as a Democrat in McHenry County Board District 2. Unlike past Democratic Party candidates, Ness has a contingent in Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade. Marching with her contingent was a young man with a Kelli Wegener … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 12 – Sean Casten

While Congressman Peter Roskam went all out for Crystal Lake’s Independence Day Parade, I was able to find only one woman wearing a tee shirt among the Democratic Party marchers. … Continue reading

CL Independence Day Parade – Part 11 – Mary Mahady

Following State Senate Candidate Nancy Zettler was State Senate candidate Mary Mahady. The Democrat is currently in her second term as McHenry Township Assessor. She is opposed by Republican Craig Wilcox. … Continue reading