The Preliminatry Accreditation Report for MCC

After I posted excerpts, I got so many requests to see the North Central Association’s accreditation report on McHenry County College, subject to comment by MCC officials, that I put it up my back-up or overflow blog. You can read … Continue reading

Non-Dedicated Road Coalition Seeks Questionnaire Answers from County Board Candidates

The McHenry County Non-Dedicated Roads Coalition has sent letters and questionnaires to each person running for the McHenry County Board. Those who live on roads not maintained by Township Road Commissioners just don’t understand why their usually older subdivisions get … Continue reading

Non-Dedicated Road Coalition Ask County Board Transportation Committee Chairman Anna Miller to Recuse Herself

My first public meeting was a hearing at the Algonquin Township Garage while I was still in college. For some reason, my father was interested in a Silver Lakes non-dedicated road hearing. At the time, Silver Lakes, near Cary, had … Continue reading