Cat Tax Feedback Causes Keely Cat to Relax

After attending “Under the Streetlamp,” a concert by the stars of “Jersey Boys,” at Huntley High school, the Skinners went to eat at 1776 in Crystal Lake. Proprietor Andy Andresky, as usual, came around to greet us and, after catching … Continue reading

Animal Control – The Privatization Option

With McHenry County animal control employees not willing to accept the county’s offer, perhaps it is time to take a page out of Chicago’s book. Its Inspector General Joe Ferguson has suggested its animal control operation be privatized. Now, I … Continue reading

Lawrence County Voters Approve County School Sales Tax Hike

In Southeastern Illinois lies the County of Lawrence. I subscribe to the Sumner Press and saw the ad you see below: The required referendum passed 1,557 to 1,385, according to Daily Record. Money collected from the new tax will be … Continue reading

Remembering the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Now that County Board Members Are Up for Election

Now that the primary election is but a week away, I’m going to give you a chance to read my article on the McHenry County Board’s 2007 defeat of the Republican Cat Tax. The folks running for re-election (or, in … Continue reading