Political, Governmental & Religious Booths at the County Fair – Part 2

I left the air conditioned building and ventured into the fall-back location for the Faith Tent people across the road from Skinner’s (no relation) carnival. This is where the Environmental Defenders were last year. It was hot. I made a … Continue reading

Tribune Dips into County Fair Dispute

The aborted attempt to segregate three Pro-Life booths, one three booth spaces wide, in what was originally labeled a “Faith Tent” had not received any mainstream media until Friday night at 6:45. That’s when the Chicago Tribune ran an article … Continue reading

Pro-Lifers Seek Volunteers to Staff County Fair Booth

I received the following email from Karen Verr of McCullom Lake. She and Crystal Lake’s Kathy Chwedyk seek folks to help staff the Pro-Life booth at the McHenry County Fair next Wednesday through Sunday. Here’s the request for assistance: As … Continue reading