Still Another Anti-McClellan Post by McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC

The McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC, which has not filed identification papers with the Illinois State Board of Elections, has posted another article criticizing McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan. McClellan is foregoing a run for re-election to seek the much higher … Continue reading

Fifth Hit Piece Against Judicial Candidate Mary McClellan about Sanctions

It’s a long time until the March Primary Election, so I am perplexed why all the negative messages are being rolled out so early. Again Monday, the anonymous Political Action Committee calling itself McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC has published another … Continue reading

Fourth Negative Email about Judicial Candidate Mary McClellan’s Ethics

Here is the fourth in a series of emails sent to at least Republican Precinct Committeemen by an unknown group calling itself the McHenry Judicial Ethics PAC. Because it has not spent or raised $5,000, the Political Action Committee does … Continue reading