FRG Castle License Plate Runner Identified as Chicago Policewoman Jennifer Martin

The dispute between the owners of the Bettendorf Castle in Fox River Grove and neighbors Diana and James Durso has been playing out before the City of Chicago Police Board. The Chicago Police Superintendent seeks to dismiss Jennifer Martin from being a Police … Continue reading

New Fox River Board Members Facing Lawsuit Just Like the Last

Can someone set the headline to the tune used in “I’m Henry, the VII, I Am?” As anyone who drives through Fox River Grove on Route 14 or who takes the train to Chicago knows, Fox River Grove has a … Continue reading

Son of FRG Castle Owner Gets “Emergency Stalking No Contact Order” against Neighbor

“You would think that after the legal victories in state and federal court the childish behavior in the Kingdom of Concord Avenue would be relegated to the actual children who live and play in the neighborhood,” attorney Robert Hanlon said … Continue reading

Bettendorf Castle Withstands Village of Fox River Grove’s NIMBY Seige

When I heard about the court suit against the owner of one of two tourist sites in Fox River Grove, I could do nothing but figuratively scratch my head. There are pretty much only two reasons that people would come … Continue reading