NWH Runs Article about Chuck Wheeler’s Illinois Integrity Fund Suit

In today’s Northwest Herald article about McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler’s suit against those behind three 2016 Republican Primary Election hit pieces, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is quoted as the source of Wheeler’s health benefits and mileage … Continue reading

Skala Proposes No Fringe Benefits for County Board Members

In the last Republican Primary election two candidates campaigning on not taking pension and health benefits. They were District 1 candidates Andrew Gasser and David Stieper. ¬†Gasser won the primary and the election, while Stieper lost to incumbent Republican Robert … Continue reading

Proposal to Raise Pay, End Mileage for ZBA

The McHenry County Board is moving toward raising the pay of Zoning Board of Appeals members, but plan to eliminate mileage. What’s the reason? The memo¬†gives this reason: According to County Administration, processing mileage reimbursement payments for the ZBA creates … Continue reading

First Electric Newspaper Details Bob Bless’ Termination by Cook County Sheriff’s Department

Pete Gonigam at the First Electric Newspaper reports that former McHenry County Board member Robert Bless has been let go by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. That county’s Merit Commission, which apparently actually has meetings, unlike the McHenry County Sheriff’s … Continue reading