Algonquin Village President Objects to Being Listed as Supporter of Rahm Emanuel’s Massive Gas Tax Proposal

An article reprinted from Illinois News Network drew this comment from Algonquin Mayor John Schmitt: It is unfortunate that some research was not done before publishing this blog. The Mayors and Village Presidents of the McHenry County Council of Governments … Continue reading

Skillicorn and Ives Start Yellow Jacket Opposition to Democrats’ MFT Hike Proposal

A press release from State Rep. Anne Skillicorn: Representatives Allen Skillicorn and Jeanne Ives hold yellow jacket rally to oppose gas increase East Dundee, IL – Donning yellow jackets, Representatives Allen Skillicorn and Jeanne Ives spoke out Tuesday against the … Continue reading

Mayors Push for Gas Tax Hike

Algonquin Village President John Schmitt offered the following comment on this post: It is unfortunate that some research was not done before publishing this blog. The Mayors and Village Presidents of the McHenry County Council of Governments does indeed support … Continue reading

New Road Lockbox Constitutional Amendment Being Tested in Cook County

No one thought it worth the money to challenge McHenry County under the Lockbox Constitutional Amendment when Jack Franks took half the salary for his new patronage employee Oliver Serafin from the County Highway Department. See Half-Paid from McDOT Funds, Franks Patronage Worker … Continue reading

How Motor Fuel Taxes Are Distributed to Local Governments

Tim Peters of the Illinois Department of Transportation writes that MFT funds are distributed to local agencies in the following breakdown: 49.10% goes to the municipalities – apportioned in proportion to population; 16.74% goes to the counties having a population … Continue reading

Illinois Leaks Focuses on Bob Miller’s Illinois Railroad Museum “Salt Gate”

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township -“Salt Gate” – Motor Fuel Tax laws violated BY KIRK ALLEN ON DECEMBER 10, 2017 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –When the government takes your money in the form of taxes, use of that … Continue reading

McSweeney Introduces Eleven Bills

Sophomore State Rep. David McSweeney introduced eleven bills on the first day of the session. To say that it is an ambitious agenda is more than an understatement. You can take a look at them below: House Bill 173 – Repeals … Continue reading

Will Higher Toll Taxes to Increase Traffic on Algonquin Road through Barrington Hills?

The preferred routes to southeastern McHenry County may change for cheapskates like me when they drive to and from Chicago. That’s because the Pat Quinn Administration’s tolls at the Route 31 Exit will almost double from 40 cents to 75 … Continue reading

Pat Quinn Appointees Request 88% Toll Tax Hike

First we get a 67% income tax hike, compliments of Democratic Party Governor Pat Quinn. Now, his minions on the Tollway Board are proposing an 88% (I round up) hike in tolls. No one has had the audacity to make … Continue reading

Looks Like McHenry County Board Endorsed MFT or Income Tax Hike

Maybe I’m mis-reading the last “Whereas” clause of this resolution passed Tuesday by the McHenry County Board. Only Ersel Schuster and John Hammerand voting “No.” Read it and tell me if you think it says those twenty-two who voted “Yes” … Continue reading