Which Types of Tax Districts Taking More, Which Less

Ups and downs. That describes what McHenry County taxpayers will see in this year’s real estate tax bills. As reported Saturday, county government provided significant savings by zeroing out last year’s $3 million Valley Hi Nursing Home tax levy.  (If … Continue reading

Andersson Bills Give More Power to Municipalities & Counties

A press release from State Rep. Steve Andersson: Andersson’s Municipal Legislation to Move Forward Representative Steve Andersson passed two bills in committee today. Both pieces of legislation concern municipalities and work to ensure the most efficient processes and equal practices … Continue reading

Five-Year Tax Hike for Schools 12.75%

Reader “Connecting Dots” inserted this property tax information in a comment under the article, “McSweeney Introduces Eleven Bills.” There are comments on more than one of the bills, but with regard to McSweeney’s House Bill 178 to freeze township extensions … Continue reading

Filings for Municipal Office

Here’s my best effort to find out who filed for village and city offices in McHenry County’s thirty municipalities. Most who didn’t file last week probably waited until late Monday afternoon. Why? Best place on the ballot is first.  With … Continue reading

Who Should Pay for Policing in Unincorporated Areas?

I’ve long wondered why those living in municipalities are forced to subsidize the police services of those living in “the country.” DuPage County allows those living in unincorporated areas apparently pay extra for better police coverage from its Sheriff’s Department. … Continue reading

Gnashing of Municipal Teeth

When city leaders read this Tribune article saying that Pat Quinn expects them to “share the pain,” there will be gnashing of teeth. Apparently Quinn has decided to cut the $1 billion a year income tax revenue sharing by 30%. … Continue reading