Dave Bachmann Tells How His Excess Prescription Drug Collection Idea Got Noticed by the DEA and How Jack Franks Dropped the Ball

Yesterday I posted a story about the Huntley Police Department’s participating in in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s prescription drug collection program. Crystal Lake is, too. Maybe there are other local police departments who have signed on as drop off points … Continue reading

Policies on Promoting Sheriff’s Name Varies

While we were in Hoboken, New Jersey, sitting in the Giant Wash Laundromat, I bought the local dead tree publication. Washington Street is a delightful Italian neighborhood and, except that the apartment buildings are five stories high, it reminded me … Continue reading

Prescription Drug Pickup in New Jersey

One of the issues that Dave Bachmann, unsuccessful 2008 Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Coroner, proposed in his October 31, 2007, candidacy announcement was initiation of a prescription drug collection from those who died at home under hospice care. … Continue reading