Proft PAC Spends $200,000 on Chicago TV, $19,000 on Newspaper Ads

Watchers of WBBM, WGN and WLS-TV are going to see ads for State Senate candidate Dan McConchie (or maybe negative ads against opponents Martin McLaughlin and Casey Urlacher) as a result of a $200,000 buy by Dan Proft’s Political Action … Continue reading

Proft Uses Broadsheet to Promote Favored Candidates

Republicans in Dan Duffy’s State Senate District and Mike Tryon’s State Rep. District have received almost full-sized “newspapers” that promote the candidacies of those supported by the multi-million dollar Liberty Principles PAC. For State Senate, that means Dan McConchie. For … Continue reading

What Judge Thomas Meyer Apparently Doesn’t Care to See

As most McHenry County Blog readers know, former and future (my prediction) McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler is seeking appointment of a Special Prosecutor from Judge Thomas Meyer to probe whether Sheriff Keith Nygren used county taxes to further … Continue reading

Full House at Libraries, TribLocal’s Lawerence Synett Writes

The Northwest Herald obviously is in a cost cutting mode. Now, new competition has arrived for its weekend “Neighbors” section. That section is pretty much organization press releases and submitted photos. The new competitor in town is something called “TribLocal.” … Continue reading