The Lawyer-Legislators’ Defense

One of the way lawyers in the General Assembly make money is by attracting clients who have not only a business agenda, but a legislative agenda. Because state law does not require attorneys to list their clients, there’s no central … Continue reading

Nick Hurtgen’s Wisconsin Law License Revoked Based on Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board Scandal

Ever wonder what it looks like when an attorney has his license revoked? Below you see what the State of Wisconsin’s Supreme Court did to Nick Hurtgen, a Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson “wuderkind,” who ventured too far into Illinois politics, … Continue reading

Bear Steans’ Nick Hurtgen Pleads Guilty

One of former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson’s “Wunderkinds” has plead guilty to federal charges concerning the Edwards Hospital Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board scandal. Nicholas Hurtgen, who at the time was Managing Director of the Chicago office of Bear Stearns, … Continue reading

Nick Hurtgen Indicted in Operation Board Games

The press from the U.S. Attorney’s Office about the indictment of Nick Hurtgen follows: HURTGEN RE-INDICTED FOR ALLEGED ROLE IN AIDING PAY-TO-PLAY FRAUD SCHEME INVOLVING WILL COUNT HOSPITAL PROJECT CHICAGO – A former executive in the Chicago office of Bear … Continue reading