Nunda Neighbors for Open Space Going Out of Business

The State Board of Elections has denied the appeal of Nunda Neighbors. It approved, however, a settlement offer. Political Action Committee Treasurer Lori McConville, a Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board in the Nunda-McHenry Township District 3, told the … Continue reading

State Board of Elections Finds Nunda Neighbors Filing Late a Second Time

You have to give Nunda Township Tax Fighter Gerry Walsh an award for tenacity. He is so upset about the possibility of tax increases that would allow Nunda Township to purchase land by raising taxes that he has fought each … Continue reading

Gerry Walsh Successful in Calling Nunda Neighbors on the State Board of Elections Carpet…Again

What follows is a report from Nunda Township Tax Fighter Gerry Walsh. A day after his efforts to put an advisory referendum on the fall ballot asking whether voters wanted to repeal the Nunda Township Open Space Plan fell short … Continue reading

Nunda Township Open Space Proponents Out Poll Opponents on Fall Advisory Referendum on Repeal

Thanks to a friend of McHenry County Blog, I can offer the following take on what happened at Nunda Township’s Annual Town Meeting: I thought I’d fill you in on the outcome of the Nunda Township Annual Meeting. Aside from … Continue reading

Nunda Electors Seeks Nunda Township Advisory Referendum on Repeal of Open Space Plan

There could be some local action on open space at the Nunda Township Annual Meeting. Township tax fighters Gerry Walsh, Republican Committeeman Bob Borchert, Doug Mann, and former Republican County Board candidate Craig Steagall have filed the following petition seeking … Continue reading

Democratic Party County Board Candidate Lori McConville Files Nunda Neighbors for Open Space Campaign Disclosure Forms Late…Again

This is the second time that Nunda Neighbors for Open Space Treasurer Lori McConville, who is running for the McHenry County Board as a Democrat in District 3, has filed campaign disclosure forms late with the Illinois State Board of … Continue reading

Two More Democrats File for McHenry County Board: Incumbent Jim Kennedy and Challenger Lori McConville

As expected, incumbent Jim Kennedy, he who broke the Republican stranglehold on the McHenry County Board four years ago by defeating incumbent Republican Perry Moy in District 5, has filed for re-election. A new entrant, Burton’s Bridge )with a Crystal … Continue reading

59% Say “No” to Nunda Township Open Space Referendum

Perhaps the Nunda Township Republicans were well served by distancing themselves from the $15 million Open Space referendum. The issue turned up 760 votes short, with the totals being 2,465 to 1,705 prior to adding in the absentee and early … Continue reading

Nunda Township Open Space Referendum

In 2006, there were two open space referendums on the ballot in Nunda Township. One passed and the other narrowly lost. You can see the parcels that were identified two years below (click to enlarge this image or any other): … Continue reading