Most Township Boards Ask for Less or Same Amount of Taxes as Last Year

Townships are a much maligned form of local government. Today we show you how much McHenry County’s seventeen townships will extract from pocketbooks this year compared to last year. Extensions are the amount of taxes which are billed.  The tax … Continue reading

Citizen Gets Answer to Nunda Township Highway Commissioner’s Legal Exenses – $6-7,000

Arriving a bit late at the Nunda Township Annual Meeting, I was told I had not missed much. No controversy with adjournment less than a half an hour after the meeting began. The monthly meeting of the township board was … Continue reading

Sandbag Helpers Still Needed in Nunda Township

A second message has come from Nunda Township Trustee Mike Shorten: “Thanks for the response yesterday. “Between efforts Wednesday and yesterday over 16,000 sand bags have been created, but the need is still great as the Fox River in not … Continue reading

Nunda Recounts Show No Change

Three votes behind was where Rob Parrish found himself after all the absentee and early ballots were counted. And, after a Discovery Recount he requested and paid for, the results were the same. He was still behind “Iron Mike” Lesperance … Continue reading

Bridgett Provenzano Files for Recount

Now we have two Nunda Township Republican Primary candidates who just barely lost asking for Discovery Recounts. Road Commissioner Rob Parrish and Supervisor candidate Bridgett Provenzano. Mike Lesperance won the nod to represent the the GOP on the ballot for … Continue reading

Behind Mike Lesperance by Three Votes, Rob Parrish Asks for Discovery Recount

Mike Lesperance – 892 votes. Rob Parrish – 889 votes. Three votes difference. So, what’s the loser to do? Illinois law allows for a discovery recount when elections are this close. And Parrish has asked for one. The ballots for … Continue reading

Road Commissioner Races Show Narrowest and Widest of Margins

Both Grafton and Nunda Townships had vibrant contests for Road Commissioner. In Grafton Township Road District employee Tom Poznanski, who is the Township’s Republican Party Chairman, won a convincing battle with Robert Dvorak. In Nunda Township the race was close. … Continue reading

Votes Cast But Which Won’t Be Counted Until the End of the Night

Those are the votes cast early and absentee. They will be added to the results you will be able to read here or on the McHenry County Clerk’s election return web site. To gauge the impact such votes will have … Continue reading

Irene Napier Pens Support of Pro-Life Candidates in Algonquin & Nunda Townships

Look what I found distributed by the Crystal Lake Tea Party: REMINDER OF TOWNSHIP ELECTIONS ON TUESDAY. THIS IS THE CLOSEST GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATION WE HAVE. BE SURE TO VOTE! For what it is worth here are my personal recommendations for … Continue reading

Sticker Competition in the Northwest Herald

First there was a sticker on the masthead of the Northwest Herald paid for by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore. It was published on the first day of early voting and urged people to do so. Sunday, the team of … Continue reading

Nunda Township Road Commissioner Candidate “Iron” Mike Lesperance Held McHenry Fund Raiser Last Sunday

A press release from “Iron” Mike Lesperance, one of three candidates for the Republican nomination for Nunda Township Road Commissioner. The other two are incumbent Don Kopsell and Rob Parrish. “Iron” Mike Lesperance is running for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner … Continue reading

Rob Parrish Puts Up Web Site for Nunda Township Road Commissioner Campaign

A press release from rob Parrish, who is a candidate for Nunda Township Road Commissioner. He is runnhing against incumbent Don Kopsell and fellow challenger “Iron Mike” Lesperance. Rob Parrish announces the activation of his Campaign Website Crystal Lake –Rob … Continue reading

“Iron Mike” Leperance Announces Candidacy for Nunda Township Road Commissioner

A press release from “Iron Mike” Lesperance, one of three candidates for Nunda Township Road Commissioner. He and Rob Parrish are challenging incumbent Don Kopsell in the February Republican primary. “Iron Mike” Lesperance Running for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner After … Continue reading

Rob Parrish Running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner

A last name I’ve known since high school days is running for Nunda Township Road Commissioner against incumbent Don Kopsell and Mike Lesperance. Below is Rob Parrish’s announcement press release: Rob Parrish announces candidacy for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Crystal … Continue reading

Non-Dedicated Road Spokesman Brings Up Conflict of Interest Question at County Board Committee Assignment Meeting, Anna Miller Responds

Conflict of interest entered the discussion with regard to three McHenry County Board members during Tina Hill’s Committee on Committees meeting Friday morning. First off was a comment from John Reihansperger, a spokesman for those who live on private roads … Continue reading