Heisler Petition Challenge Hearing Postponed

Chairman of the Nunda Township Electoral Board Tom Palmer advises me that the challenge to Supervisor John Heisler’s petition for re-election has been postponed until 1 PM, Wednesday, December 19th, at the Nunda Township Hall. “At the electoral board hearing, we … Continue reading

Four-Way Race for Nunda Township Supervisor

I have given up trying to understand Nunda Township Republican politics. Township Supervisor John Heisler, a former McHenry County Board member, is being challenged by three people. Heisler, whose family’s name has been associated with Crystal Lake since his grandfather … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Irony

In the what goes around comes around category is the lack of a quorum for the most recent meeting of the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee. McHenry County Republican Central Committee Vice Chairman Mark Daniel is also the Chairman of … Continue reading

Nunda Township Considering Two Small Windmills to Alleviate Electricity Cost

I went to a township meeting north of Crystal Lake last night in which no one raised his or her voice, no one insulted anyone, people asked sincere questions and heard a proposal to save money. Getting over before 9, … Continue reading

Prairie Grove Village Board Meeting Packed with Upset Hunters, Gun Owners

Republicans of all ages, including many members of the McHenry County Young Republicans, hunters, sportsman, and local residents packed the Prairie Grove Village Hall last night. The Second Amendment advocates were inspired by a Saturday article in the Northwest Herald … Continue reading