Governor to State Reps: Don’t Break the Bank

Here’s a memo from Governor Bruce Rauner’s Office of Management and Budget to the Illinois House of Representatives: To: Members of the Illinois House of Representatives From: Tim Nuding, Director, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget Date: March 3, 2016 … Continue reading

County Jail Future on Board Agenda Tuesday

This weekend I pointed out that the McHenry County Board has  a shift of property taxes from business to homeowners in the 2016 Action Plan to be voted on Tuesday. In addition, important questions about the future of the County … Continue reading

President’s Budget Staff Wants to Unionize

When I worked at the United States Budget Bureau in 1965-66 right after grad school in public administration at the University of Michigan, there was a period just before the budget went to the printer that employees worked very long … Continue reading

Is Indictment in the Future of Pat Quinn?

I’m not really serious about that headline, but if McHenry County Special Prosecutor Henry Tonigan were investigating whether Democratic Party Governor Pat Quinn was using state resources to advance his political career, as he charges in his indictment of McHenry … Continue reading

Politicians Tempted to Inflate Accomplishments – Part 1

I have always been ever so careful when I put together a political pamphlet or mailing. It has to be accurate. I advise other candidates to do the same. Attending “X” college is not the same as graduating. Seems obvious, … Continue reading