Teachers Union Spends on Facebook to Elect Its Favorites

From the Illinois Education Association comes these endorsements:

Illinois Education Association Facebook ad for Diustrict 300 candidates.

And, here’s the endorsement press release:

District 300 Educators Announce Recommended School Board Candidates

ALGONQUIN – A coalition of local educator unions known as the District 300 Educators (D300 Educators) is recommending Stephen J. Fiorentino, Randi Gauthier, Olutola “Tola” Makinde and Nancy Zettler.

D300 Educators is made up of the District 300 Education Support Association (DESA), District 300 Educational Services Personnel Association (DESPA) and Local Education Association District 300 (LEAD300) unions that represent 2,407 teachers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, coaches, interventionists, paraeducators, clerical, custodial, maintenance, building and grounds and all other educational support staff working in  Community Unit District 300, educating the 19,951 students who attend more than two dozen schools in the district.

D300 Educators are already mobilized and working on both get-out-the-vote efforts and advocating for their recommended candidates.

The following statement is attributable to the D300 Educators Spokesperson Mike Williamson:

“We firmly believe Stephen Fiorentino, Randi Gauthier, Olutola “Tola” Makinde and Nancy Zettler will support our students and communities and that they will continue to build on the incredible work we’ve been doing together in District 300. For the past several years, all three D300 Educator locals have worked hard to build a collaborative relationship with the administration and the school board. We believe these individuals will continue to work with us to foster good working relationships and to protect public education.

“This is a critical time for public education. Throughout Illinois and across the country, candidates are attempting to use politics to pit communities, parents and educators against each other. District 300 is no exception. The vitriol, disinformation and fear mongering are an attempt to divide us. It’s a distraction from what’s really important: our students and their education.

“It is imperative that we elect candidates who believe in public education, who are student focused, and who recognize that our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions.

“Two of these candidates are incumbent school board members who have proven track records of advocating for our students and our members.

“The other two candidates are tireless community advocates who have already worked with us to make District 300 a strong school district for all students.”

The D300 Educators completed an extensive vetting process to get to know each candidate, including reviewing questionnaires and interviews, voting unanimously to recommend Fiorentino, Gauthier, Makinde and Zettler. To learn more about D300 Educators’ recommended candidates visit the D300 Educators website.

Early Voting Times and Locations

From McHenry County:

Early Voting for April 4 Election Expands in McHenry County

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – Ten additional early voting locations will open across McHenry County starting
Monday, March 20 for the April 4 consolidated election.

People registered to vote in McHenry County will have 11 sites to cast their ballots early, regardless of
where in the county they live.

A complete list of locations, and their dates and hours of operation, can be found below:

Early voting will be available until 7 p.m. Monday, April 3 at six of the locations.

People wishing to vote in person on Election Day must do so at their assigned voting precinct; they can also vote at the County Clerk’s Office, which is a universal polling site. Click here or call 815-334-4242 to find your voting location.

People who wish to vote by mail still have time to obtain an application by visiting the County Clerk’s Office, or by clicking here to download and print one.

The County Clerk must receive your application by March 30 – please allow seven days for delivery.

Vote-by-mail ballots can be mailed in, delivered in person, or dropped off at any time at the secure ballot drop box in front of the County Administration Building.

Four additional early voting locations have indoor drop boxes that are accessible during voting

State law gives voters the right to enroll in a permanent vote-by-mail program, meaning they can automatically receive mail-in ballots for elections until they choose not to, or become ineligible to vote
in McHenry County.

You can click here to sign up.

Vote-by-mail ballots must be postmarked no later than April 4 and received no later than April 18 to be

Voters who fill out a vote-by-mail ballot and then change their mind and decide to vote in person can do so by simply bringing their vote-by-mail ballot with them to the polls and surrendering it to the Election Judge.

If you’re not registered to vote, or you changed your address since the last election, you can register in person while you vote at the polls.

Air Purifiers to Go to Schools Outside of Chicago

From the JB Pritzker Adminstratio:

IDPH Launches $30 Million Program to Distribute Air Purifiers in Illinois Schools

CHICAGO – Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) announced today that the state is launching a $29.6 million program to distribute more than 60,000 HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) purifiers to Illinois schools to help reduce the transmission of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.

IDPH is coordinating the program with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

The program is funded by the CDC through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and is targeted for school districts that serve lower income communities and counties that have elevated air pollution counts.

IDPH estimates almost 3,000 schools will be eligible for the program, covering 68 percent of school districts in the state.

It will cover schools throughout the state, including Cook County, with the exception of Chicago, which has received a separate federal grant.

“There is nothing more important to me than keeping Illinoisans safe and healthy—especially when it comes to our youth,” said Governor JB Pritzker. 

“We know that our children need to stay healthy and study in classrooms that are well-ventilated in order to thrive and succeed.

“Thanks to this $30 million investment, schoolchildren will experience cleaner air—preventing illness and absenteeism, while improving our children’s ability to think and learn.”

“I have devoted much of my career to protecting and promoting the health of children,” said IDPH Director Dr. Sameer Vohra, who is a pediatrician.

“Data over these last three years have shown us the critical importance of good ventilation to keep children and adults safe from respiratory illnesses. These HEPA air purifiers are a significant investment in our children, and I am very excited that the State of Illinois can make this impact. They will keep kids healthy and in school, ensuring more opportunities for learning and success for years to come.”

“Every Illinois student deserves a safe, healthy learning environment regardless of zip code or income level,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tony Sanders.

“Improving classroom ventilation with air purifiers is a proven method we can use to reduce the transmission of respiratory viruses, including COVID-19, the flu, and RSV, and, at the same time, reduce absences related to illness.

“A child’s health and attendance is inextricably tied to their ability to learn, and I’m pleased the State is making this vital investment.”

IDPH is launching an enrollment process in coordination with ISBE through which schools can submit orders for portable HEPA air purifiers.

The administrators of eligible school districts will be contacted directly with information about how many purifiers that their districts are eligible to receive.

The portable air purifiers will be delivered to school districts in the coming months.

Schools will generally be eligible for one small air filter unit for each 20 students in a school, with a limited number of larger units for districts with more than 1,000 students.

Questions from school administrators should be directed to the IDPH Air Purifier Project Inbox at DPH.AirPurify@illinois.gov.

Studies show that cleaner air can reduce absentee rates, and improve students’ abilities to think, learn, read and solve math problems.

Last year IDPH issued ventilation guidance to educate the community on the impact of ventilation systems and to provide information about low cost and DIY interventions for ventilation upgrades.

Russians Revive Greek Communists’ Children Stealing Tactic During Civil War

A really good book I recently read is “Eleni” by Nicholas Gage, a former New York Times reporter.

Ukrainian officials estimate that at least 16.000 children have been forcibly deported. NBC TV headline.

It’s about Gage’s search for information about his mother, who was killed by the Communists in the Geeek Civil War.

The most disturbing part of the book was of the Communists marching children over the mountains to Yugoslavia, where they were put in camps until relocated to other Communist countries.

Suhead from the Chicago Tribune.

We’re talking after the Second World War before 1950.

Now comes the Russian government into the Ukraine taking children to Russia.

With the Russia birth rate so low, one can understand the logic, if not the morality.

History repeating itself.

Democrats Swimming in Money – Part 4

We now move to McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee financial activity for October, November and December in 2022.

$19,805 was contributed, $16,073.32 was spent, leaving $64,537.94 in the bank at the end of December.

Most of the money came from San Francisco’s Tides Advocacy.

  • $15,000 from Tides Advocacy of San Francisco
  • $750 was from Jeannie Ridings, a former Democratic Party candidate for Judge
  • $800 from Bill Foster for Congress
  • $250 from Citizens for Mary Mahady
  • Sheet Metal Workers 265 PAC of Carol Stream
  • $2,255 was donated in amounts under $150.01
  • $10 in-kind was provided

Expenditures follow:

  • $4,306.80 to Springfield’s ABCompuprint for a end of October mailing
  • $259.85 to Comcast for internret
  • about $180 for electricity to ComEd
  • $1,705,40 to Forest Printing of Forest Park for two printing jobs
  • $2,266.51 to Crystal Lake’s Hickory Hall for a December event
  • about $132 to MailChimp of Atlanta, GA, for Email srv
  • $2,100 for rent to Maria Manriguez of Woodstock
  • $190.65 to Nationbuilder of LA, CA, for website
  • $559.56 in unitemized spending

Deadly Prison Guard Beatdown Results in Twenty-Year Sentence

From the U.S. Attorney in Central Illinois:

Illinois Prison Guard Sentenced to 20 Years of Imprisonment Following Conviction for Civil Rights Deprivation Resulting in Bodily Injury and Death and Obstruction Charges

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Alex Banta, 31, a former correctional officer at the Western Illinois Correctional Center in Mt. Sterling, Ill., was sentenced today to an aggregate 20 years’ imprisonment, to be followed by five years of supervised release, for civil rights deprivation resulting in bodily injury and death and obstruction of justice in connection with the death of Larry Earvin, an inmate at the facility,

At the sentencing hearing in front of Senior U.S. District Judge Sue E. Myerscough, the government summarized the evidence from Banta’s 2022 trial.

Location of Illinois prisons.

During the trial, the government presented evidence that Banta and co-defendants Todd Sheffler, 54, who was a lieutenant at the correctional center, and Willie Hedden, 43, who was a sergeant, participated in the May 17, 2018, assault of Earvin, 65, during their forcible escort of Earvin from the residential housing unit of the prison to the segregation housing unit while he was restrained and handcuffed behind his back and while he posed no physical threat to the defendants or other correctional officers.

The assault resulted in serious bodily injury to Earvin, including multiple broken ribs, a punctured mesentery, and other serious internal injuries, and resulted in Earvin’s death in June 2018.

After the assault, all three defendants falsified incident reports that they filed with prison officials and lied to the Illinois State Police by denying any knowledge of or participation in the assault.

Also at the sentencing, the government stated that Banta had inflicted the most serious blows leading to Earvin’s death, including jumping in the air and landing on Earvin with both knees.

Banta’s co-defendant, Hedden, testified about a prior incident in which Banta assaulted an inmate.

And the government also presented statements and testimony from three of Earvin’s family members: his son, brother, and aunt.

Banta’s sentence consisted of concurrent 15-year terms of imprisonment on two of the five counts of the indictment: conspiracy to deprive civil rights and deprivation of civil rights under color of law resulting in bodily injury and death.

He also received five-year terms of imprisonment on the remaining three counts – conspiracy to engage in misleading conduct; obstruction – falsification of a document; and obstruction – misleading conduct – to run concurrent to each other and consecutive to the fifteen-year terms.

A federal grand jury had previously returned an indictment against Sheffler, of Mendon, Illinois; Hedden, of Mt. Sterling, Illinois; and Banta, of Quincy, Illinois, in December 2019.

At the April 2022 trial, Banta was convicted of all five charges in the indictment.

The jury in that joint trial was unable to reach verdicts as to Sheffler, resulting in a retrial in August 2022 at which he was convicted of the same charges.

Judge Myerscough ordered that both Banta and Sheffler be detained pending their sentencings.

Hedden pleaded guilty in March 2022 to both civil rights charges and to conspiracy to engage in misleading conduct.

Sheffler’s sentencing is scheduled for March 20, 2023, at 10 a.m., and Hedden’s sentencing is set for March 22, 2023, at 10 a.m. Both are set to take place at the federal courthouse in Springfield, Illinois.

“We hope that the convictions of Todd Sheffler, Alex Banta, and Willie Hedden and today’s sentence for Alex Banta provide a measure of justice for Larry Earvin and his family,” said U.S. Attorney Gregory K. Harris.

“We also hope it serves as a warning to all those who would abuse governmental power that they will be held accountable under the law.

“Although the vicious and brutal beating of Mr. Earvin cost him his life, and that is a loss that can never be remedied, all of those persons whom the evidence established violated Mr. Earvin’s constitutional rights and caused his death (Sheffler, Hedden, and Banta) have been and are being held accountable.

“Our prosecution of this case demonstrates our continued commitment to equal justice under the law and to protecting society’s vulnerable, including those in our prisons.”

Harris added that his office also wanted to express its appreciation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Springfield Office, and highlighted the complete cooperation of the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC), for their thorough and professional investigation of this most important civil rights matter.

Harris also especially recognized and thanked the efforts of FBI Special Agents Angela Bray and Price McCarty for their tireless efforts, without which a just outcome in this matter would not have been possible.

In addition, Harris noted the important testimony of IDOC witnesses who initially participated in the cover up of these offenses, but ultimately came forward and told the truth about the events surrounding Mr. Earvin’s death. Holding the defendants accountable for their murder of Mr. Earvin would not have been possible without their testimony.

Finally, Harris noted that the actions of a few here had unfairly tarnished the reputations of the men and women in law enforcement who honorably serve their communities with professionalism on a daily basis.

“While the conduct of Alex Banta is not characteristic of the vast majority of those working in law enforcement, it unfortunately undermines the efforts of officers who serve with integrity and who bear the responsibility to respect and defend the rights of those under their watch,” said FBI Springfield Special Agent in Charge David Nanz. “Banta’s actions tarnished the reputation and badge worn proudly by the many hard-working and upstanding officers who abide by their oath. The FBI is unyielding in our commitment to zealously protect the rights of all Americans and to hold accountable anyone charged with safeguarding those rights.”

“ISP thoroughly investigates civil rights violations to hold those who break the law accountable,” said Illinois State Police Director Brendan F. Kelly.  “This type of conduct is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.”

The statutory penalties for each of the civil rights resulting in death charges are up to life imprisonment. The statutory penalties for each of the obstruction of justice charges are up to 20 years of imprisonment.

The case was the result of a joint investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of Illinois, the FBI-Springfield Field Office, and the Illinois State Police Division of Internal Investigation, with the cooperation of the Illinois Department of Corrections. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Timothy A. Bass and Eugene L. Miller represent the government in the prosecution.

Democrats Swimming in Money – Part 3

Having shown financial transactions for the first and second quarter of 022 for the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee, we now look at the July, August and September report submitted to the Strate Board of Elections:

Third Quarter

The party took in $35,797, most of which came from Governor JB Pritzker, and spent $15,544.29 ending up with a super-healthy $60,806.26 at the beginning of the month before the November election.

Contributions from individuals follow:

  • $20 – E. Renee Hill of Marengo
  • $160 – Mary Johnson of Marengo
  • $750 – Jeannie Ridings of Crystal Lake
  • $210 – Nancy Schietzelt of Crystal Lake
  • $170 – Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake
  • $200 – Kathryn Shackelford of Cary

Transfers from Political Action Committees are below:

  • $1,200 – Bill Foster for Congress
  • $30,000 – JB for Governor

There was an additional in-kind donation of $315.07 for postage from E. Renee Hill of Marengo.

Here’s how the $15,544.29 was spent:

  • $359, 85 for internet from Comcast
  • about $395 for electricity
  • $5,918.50 to Forest Printing of Forest Park for mailings on 8-1, 9-12 and 9-19
  • $2,000 to the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association for two brunch tables
  • $283 to Mary Johnson of Marengo for raffle winnings
  • $2,100 to Maria Manriguez of Woodstock for rent
  • $175 to the McHenry County Building Trades Council for a golf outing
  • $284.58 to Nationbuilder of LA, CA for website
  • $219.32 to Oriental Trader of Omaha, NE for Algonquin Founders Days parade supplies
  • $823 to Smith & Associates of Cary for insurance
  • $1,325.86 for P.O. Box and 9/ 22 postage
  • $823 untemized

Huntley School Board Candidates at Huntley Expo

Huntley School Board candidates Michael Thompson, Laura Murray, Gina Galligar, and Andrew Bittman all attended the Huntley Expo today.

Huntley School Board candidate Michael Thompson engages voters.
Andrew Bittman speaks with a potential constituent.
The candidates: Andrew Bittman, Gina Galligar, Michael Thompson and Laura Murray.
Huntley School Board candidates Gina Galligar and Michael Thompson.

Fire in Rural McHenry

From thge McHenry Township Fire Protection District:

Deck Fire

The McHenry Township Fire Protection District (MTFPD) was dispatched on March 17, 2023, at approximately 10:00 p.m. to the 2800 block of Stilling Boulevard in unincorporated McHenry for a structure fire.

2800 block of Stilling Boulevard, McHenry

Emergency response units arrived on the scene within one minute and found a bi-level single-family home with a small fire on the rear deck starting to impinge on the house.

The fire was quickly extinguished by fire personnel using several water extinguishers.

Four pieces of MTFPD apparatus responded to the scene consisting of 11 firefighters.

In addition, Spring Grove Fire Department initially responded but was returned. The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office also responded.

There were no firefighter injuries. Two people were medically evaluated at the scene but were not transported.

The home and deck sustained minor fire and smoke damage, and a damage estimate is not available at this time. The cause of the fire is being investigated by MTFPD personnel.

How Woodstock Will Spend $600,000 State Recreational Grant

Fromthe City of Woodstock:


Woodstock, IL March 2, 2023—The City of Woodstock has been awarded $600,000 through Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ (IDNR) Open Space Land Acquisition & Development (OSLAD) program for the planned Nature’s Way: A Playground of Possibilities project. 

IDNR’s FY 2023 program funded 118 outdoor recreation projects throughout the state, including four other projects in McHenry County.

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds were made available to municipalities throughout the country last year in response to the economic losses felt by cities during the extended pandemic experience. 

The City of Woodstock surveyed the community to determine suggested uses for this funding and one of the most popular public service requests was enhanced amenities related to parks and recreation.

The City of Woodstock has been an active participant in the Age-Friendly Livable Communities planning program since 2019. 

There are currently 10 other Illinois communities, and over 720 cities nationally, working to review and modify policies and programs to better serve the rapidly increasing demographic of people age 65 and above. 

By 2035, there will be more people age 65 and over, than children younger than 18, for the first time in US history.

Planning activities and programs with an intergenerational focus is an effective way to address this unprecedented societal shift. 

Woodstock’s project offers a half-acre of poured rubber mobility surfacing; colorful equipment for climbing, swinging and spinning; along with sensory and quiet space elements. 

The equipment offers both group and individual play and encourages independence and collaboration for ages 2-12. 

In addition, the design incorporates a section of low-impact exercise equipment, a bench swing, permanent game table, shade and picnic area, to accommodate older residents and family outings.

Following a public presentation in February 2022, Woodstock City Council allocated $400,000 to the proposed project and added $100,000 in the budget process for 2023. 

The Community Foundation for McHenry County supported the project with a gift of $75,000 and hosts a tax-deductible on-line donation site at www.thecfmc.org/donate.   

While the OSLAD $600,000 grant funding moves the project forward, additional resources will be needed to complete the entire project; a public campaign is planned for the months ahead.

Uber Be Gone?

From The Center Square:

Illinois House passes bill some say could ‘drive’ rideshare businesses out of the state

(The Center Square) – Some state lawmakers are looking to hold rideshare companies in Illinois to the same standard as other common carriers like taxis. 

State Rep. Jennifer-Gong Gershowitz, D-Glenview, introduced House Bill 2231, which would set up a new standard for companies like Uber and Lyft by getting rid of an exemption that says rideshare companies are not responsible for their drivers. 

Gong-Gershowitz explained her measure on Thursday. 

“House Bill 2231 puts rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft on the same playing field as taxis and other common carriers,” Gong-Gershowitz said. “The policy rationale for granting this statutory exemption nearly a decade ago no longer makes sense, and its extended use harms public safety.” 

State Rep. Patrick Windhorst, R-Harrisburg, asked about the additional costs this measure could have on rideshare companies. 

“Was there any concern expressed about the increase in costs affecting the ability of these companies to operate in Illinois or affecting their operations in Illinois,” Windhorst asked. 

Gong-Gershowitz did not give a clear answer to the question but said the focus should be on the passenger’s safety.

“Once a rider gets into that car, they can ensure that the utmost standard applies to them whether they are in an Uber, Lyft or taxi or any other common carrier,” Gong-Gershowitz said. 

Windhorst warned some companies could end up wanting to leave the state. 

“One of the reasons these entities have been so successful has been the costs involved are not as great as the other entities,” Windhorst said.

“By increasing regulations or burdens on business, we may drive them out.” 

Gong-Gershowitz said lawmakers have failed to hold these companies accountable for their care of riders. 

“This body continues to grant a certain business that exemption from the highest body of care,” Gong-Gershowitz said. 

The bill passed the House 73-36 and now awaits to be sent to the Illinois Senate.

= = = = =

Here is the House roll call of the bill on which State Rep. Suzanne Ness is a co-sponsor:

Footrace in Cary Sunday

From the Cary Police:





WBBM-TV Blanket Coverage of Kid-Friendly Uprising Bakery Story Continues

CBS picked up the press release from Lake in the Hills Uprising Bakery and ran a story last night.

This information new to me was included in the aricle:

But the attacks on the bakery continued and were not limited to vandalism, according to the bakery. A campaign was launched to “discredit, damage and defame Ms. [Corinna] Sac, her staff, her food, and her patrons,” with protesters spending more than 120 days on the row on the property, the bakery said.

Shot from CBS story.

The protesters photographed license plates of patrons and harassed them on social media, and Sac and her two young children were also doxed, according to the bakery.

“Ugly and abusive comments and threats have been published as well as depicting horrific acts against the family pet,” the bakery said…

The bakery also noted that Sac recently testified with the Anti-Defamation League before the Illinois House of Representatives about how she and her business had been targeted.

“The impact in Springfield was amazing,” Sac said in the release. “Many people knew of us but didn’t know exactly what happened and that it continues to happen. My testimony helped get the Civil Liability for Doxing Act; House Bill 2954 by the 103rd General Assembly, and the bill will now go to the legislative floor for passage into law.”

Sac added in the release: “If we have to go out, we will go out with a BANG and make it long-lasting and positive. I will do everything I can to make sure what happened to my American Dream doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

= = = = =

A summary of House Bill 2954 follows:

Synopsis As Introduced

Creates the Civil Liability for Doxing Act. Provides that an individual engages in the act of doxing when that individual intentionally publishes another person’s personally identifiable information without the consent of the person whose information is published and:

(1) the information is published with the intent that it be used to harm or harass the person whose information is published and with knowledge or reckless disregard that the person whose information is published would be reasonably likely to suffer death, bodily injury, or stalking; and

(2) the publishing of the information:

(i) causes the person whose information is published to suffer significant economic injury or mental anguish or to fear serious bodily injury or death of the person or a family or household member to the person; or

(ii) causes the person whose information is published to suffer a substantial life disruption.

Allows a person who is aggrieved by a violation of the Act to bring a civil action against the individual who committed the offense to recover damages and obtain any other appropriate relief.

Provides that an individual who is found liable under the Act shall be jointly and severally liable with each other individual, if any, who is found liable under the Act for damages arising from the same violation of the Act.

Allows a court to issue a temporary restraining order, emergency order of protection, or preliminary or permanent injunction to restrain and prevent the disclosure or continued disclosure of a person’s personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information.

Allows a civil action to be brought in any county in which an element of the offense occurred, or in which a person resides who is the subject of the personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information published in violation of the Act.

House Floor Amendment No. 1

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Reinserts the provisions of the introduced bill with the following changes.

Adds a definition of “emotional distress”.

Replaces references to “mental anguish” with “emotional distress”.

Makes changes to the definitions of “family or household member”, “publish”, “stalk”, and “substantial life disruption”.

Authorizes a court to issue an order to prevent the publication of personally identifiable information or sensitive personal information if certain requirements are met.

Requires any injunctive relief that is granted to contain specified elements.

Deletes a provision which specified that the Act was to be construed liberally.

= = = = =

Lake in the Hills Democratic Party State Rep. Suzanne Ness is not a sponsor of the bill as of March 16, 2023.

CBS linked to other stories:

July 23, 2022, WBBM-TV story.
July 25, 2022, WBBM-TV story.
July 31, 2022, WBBM-TV story.
August 4, 2022, WBBM-TV story.
August 8, 2022, WBBM-TV story.

To include this many links it is story last night shows someone certainly was deeply invested in what happened to Uprising Bakery.

The bakery’s press release included this part of its business plan:

UpRising Bakery & Café first opened in 2021. Sac said she had hoped to make difference by serving delicious food for all – including vegan and gluten-free options – and also by making wedding cakes for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Seeing gluten-free and vegan products sold with 350% markup saddened me. My heart broke reading emails from same-sex couples seeking a bakery for their wedding cake. People in this community need us.”

Rembering That the Chicago Tribune Did Not Cover Chicago’s Charlie Kirk Turning Point, USA, Event

The WIND morning feed Thursday featured reports of Antifa protesting a Charlie Kirk appearance at UC Davis.

Antifa protestors tried to stop the big guy seen in the foreground from entering the Turning Point, USA, event. They did not and, when challoenged after he walked around them, Antifa declined to fight. Tweet here.

As in Chicago’s University of Illinois event, there were about a hundred demonstrators.

The Chicago Tribune had a major page three article featuring a large photo of the protestors.

Audience at the Chicago Charlie Kirk event for which the Chicago Tribune provided no coverage.

Now that I think about it, there was no follow-up story on the auditorium-filled event.

Democrats Swimming in Cash – Part 2

Second Quarter of 2022

The Democrats’ mid-year bank account reads $40,553.55.

The party took in about $5,000 more than it spent–$21,861.50 in and $16,658.99 out in the three months leading up to the June 28th primary election.

$8,500 came mainly from unions and candidate PACs:

  • $500 from Administrative District Council 1 of Illinois
  • $1,400 from Bill Foster for Congress
  • $1,000 from Citizens for Mary Mahady

$1,000 from Citizens for Suzanne Ness

$200 from Ironworkers Local Union #1

$1,000 from Laborer’s International Union Local1035

$1,000 from McHenry County Building Trades Council

$200 from Melinda Bush for Central Committee

$1,000 from Mid America Carpenters Reg Cncl PAC

$200 from Painters District Council 30

$9,352.50.came from individuals giving over $150:

  • $200 from Cece Adams of Ringwood
  • $270 from Robert Beltran of McHenry
  • $200 from Erin Cartwright-Weinstein of Gurnee
  • $224 from Nick Chirikos
  • $200 from John Collins of Elgin of Algonquin
  • $796.53 from Renee Cruz of Aurora
  • $100 from Dee Darling of Cary
  • $200 frm Jean M. Des Biens, of Crystal Lake
  • $170 from Gil Eduardo of Sugsr Grove
  • $75 from Edward Gogo of Glenview
  • $130 from theresa Hart of Cary
  • $207 from E. Renee Hill of Marengo
  • $1,030 from Lori McConville of Crystal Lake
  • $322 fromm Laura McGowen of Crystal Lake
  • $800 from Dale Nelmes of McHenry
  • $350 from Mark Nichols of Wonder Lake
  • $230 from Jason Nosbaum of Woodstock
  • $501 from Wendy Piersall of Woodstock
  • $70 from Cynthia Pilz, of Fox River Grove
  • $225 from Susan Reed of Hebron
  • $750 Jeannie Ridings of Crystal Lake
  • $215 from Gene Rosner of Marengo
  • $275 from Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake
  • $280 from Cynthia Spaeth of Harvard
  • $152 from Naomi Unverzagt of Cary
  • $200 from Thomas Wedel of Lakewood
  • $200 from Mary Weisman of Cary

And additional $4,009 came from smaller givers.

In-kind donations totaled $3,976.86.

Itemized ones were

  • $180 from Gergory Alexander of Crystal lake for envelops and stamps
  • $204 from Dee Darling of Cary or Cubs vs Cards Tickets
  • $75 from Dee Darling of Cary for Bath and Body Works Gift Basket
  • $400 from Dee Darling of Cary for BioElements products basket
  • $100 from Dee Darling of Cary for 2 Bottles of Napa Valley Cabernet
  • $210 from Dee Darling of Cary for White Sox vs Tigers and parking pass
  • $574.86 from George Gogol of Glenview for Printing letters and envelopes/copies by Forest Printing company
  • $638 from George Gogol of Glenview for stamps
  • $60 from Theresa Hart of Cary for Watercolor photo prints
  • $125 from Mark Nichols of Wonder Lake for Cubs vs Brewers and parking pass
  • $400 from Cynthia Pitz of Fox River Grove for Wilson tennis racket/balls/Billy Jean figure
  • $35 from Cynthia Pitz of Fox River Grove for Gift basket/Cubs
  • $65 from Cynthia Pitz of Fox River Grove for Wilson duffel and glove
  • $200 from Cynthia Pitz of Fox River Grove for Louisville slugger backpack, cards and hat
  • $200 from Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake for Gift basket with books
  • $100 from Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake for wine party
  • $95 from Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake for Birdhouse and puzzle
  • $100 from Ruth Scifo of Crystal Lake for Gift basket/cleaning products
  • $75 from Cynthia Spaeth of Harvard for Necklace and earings
  • $75 from Cynthia Spaeth of Harvard for Kitchen gift baske
  • $65 from Cynthia Spaeth of Harvard for Gift Basket/Mary Kay products
  • $587.92 non-itemized

Larger expenditures follow:

  • about $330 for internet
  • $2,413.36 for Printing – Door hangers by Forest Printing Company
  • $167.07 for TJ Invites and envelopes by Forest Printing Company
  • $8,449.57 for Fund raising – food TJ Dinner at Jameson’s at Sun City
  • $2,100 for rent to Maria Manriguez
  • $280 to McHenry County Fair for Fair Booth Final Deposit
  • $245.70 to NationBuilder for website
  • $689.20 to NICOR for utilities
  • $270.64 for parade candy to Oriental Trading Company, Omaha, Nebraska
  • $167.42 to Paul Sindberg for Supplies for Pride Tent
  • $308.02 to Stripe/Nation Builder for bank charges
  • $774.20 unitemized