Catalina Lauf Attends Navy-East Carolina Football Game in Annapolis

Parallels to perception of Lauf’s focus outside Illinois not lost on this discerning voter

This past Saturday (November 20), former IL-16 Republican candidate Catalina Lauf attended the college football game between the United States Naval Academy Midshipmen and the East Carolina Pirates.

The Navy-East Carolina game was the last home game of the season at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, MD, as Navy’s final two games take place in Philadelphia this Saturday (at Temple) and the pageantry and tradition of the Army-Navy game on December 11, the final regular season football game for Division I-A NCAA football.

The fact the Midshipmen are in a 2-8 season including Saturday’s 38-35 loss to the Pirates and are not bowl eligible is not relevant, as the men and women of the service academies, in the case of the United States Naval Academy both future Navy and United States Marine Corps officers, will lead men and women in the Navy and/or USMC when their Academy education is complete.

The above tweet explained, with Lauf decked-out in official Navy collegiate apparel, how she was in Annapolis at the invitation of a friend to honor the service assignments of friends.

Lauf had a similar post on her Instagram page, along with metadata she was posting from Annapolis on Saturday night.

All Americans do, and should honor the nation’s men and women who serve our country every day of the year, and whether they attend one of the service academies, officer candidate school or an enlisted man or woman, they are all honored and ready to give their lives for God and country if necessary.

Catalina Lauf with Navy Mascot
Lauf with Navy Midshipman

From the desk of John Lopez: It was Lauf’s 2nd Instagram post on Monday, complete with 5 pictures and a video of a U.S. Navy flyover, where Lauf departed from honoring the men and women of the United States Naval Academy into in the honest opinion of a close friend, crossed the boundary to narcissistic behavior.

It also revealed a common “word-on-the-street” about Lauf being interested in events and people outside of Illinois, and not fellow Republican candidates in Illinois, given her record of not financially backing Illinois Republican candidates in the 2020 election cycle, through her Defense of Freedom PAC.

Lauf’s, as written about on McHenry County Blog previously, continued descent of disrespect for local people and institutions which in my honest opinion, has shown why Lauf may not yet be ready for elective public office, especially in Washington, at this stage of her life in her late 20s though she clearly has the potential to serve in public office yet lacks significant experiences, both professionally and in life.

In my honest opinion, Lauf’s lack of a verifiable record of accomplishments will be her undoing if she runs for congressional office in 2022.

Thoughtful commenters from McHenry County Blog have asked — why didn’t Lauf financially back through her PAC Republican nominees like Jim Oberweis (IL-14), Esther Joy King (IL-17) and Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-13) who were all in close races, but backed 14 Republicans from outside of Illinois a year ago.

Throw in, after Lauf’s 2020 primary loss to Oberweis in IL-14, it took her over 4 months until she finally endorsed Oberweis publicly, when the other five Republicans who also lost the IL-14 primary endorsed Oberweis within hours after the primary returns were posted.

Lauf and friends tailgating(?)

Here is the verbiage from Lauf’s 2nd Instagram post about her trip to the United States Naval Academy with emphasis added:

“We are so proud of ALL our service academy appointees from Illinois…

Don’t worry, we’ll make it to West Point and the others too! 😉

We had so much fun tailgating and at the game, and we are forever grateful to all of our young service-members nationwide and their new journeys ahead 🇺🇸

Also to be a freshman again! First college football game I’ve been to since my Miami Of Ohio days — college kids — ENJOY your time it goes by fast!”

Catalina Lauf Instagram post, 11/22/21


All right, from my emphasized points above, Lauf commits she/her campaign will “…make it to West Point and the others too!”

Obviously, West Point is reference to the United States Military Academy where the cadets learn/train to be future leaders in the United States Army.

Sounds like she’s also committed to visit the other service academies:

  • Colorado Springs, CO, home of the United States Air Force Academy and includes the United States Space Force Academy (cadets for Air Force wear gold sashes on their dress uniforms, Space Force wear silver sashes)
  • New London, CT, home of the United States Coast Guard Academy

Looks like more frequent flyer miles (or extended road trips) forthcoming for Lauf and her congressional campaign to the states of New York, Connecticut and Colorado, though likely not at a football game like she did in Annapolis given the season is all but over.

One starts to think, as Lauf is expected to seek election to Congress next year in the new IL-11, she’s devoting time and Instagram posts with pictures of veterans and service members as a prelude to a potential Republican primary race against 20-year career Army officer Major (ret.) Michael Pierce of Naperville, who has declared his candidacy to challenge Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) for the IL-11 congressional seat.

To be clear, Lauf has yet to declare a congressional run for 2022 now that her challenge to Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) ended when Kinzinger announced on October 29 he will not seek reelection.

Whether Lauf runs for anything in 2022 is her business, and she’ll make her announcement for her plans for next year at the appropriate time.

And Lauf states the Navy-East Carolina game was the first college football game she’s attended since she went to school at Miami of Ohio.

Lauf graduated from Miami in the fall of 2013, so assuming she attended RedHawks football games her senior year at Yager Stadium, it’s been at least 8 years since she last went to a college football game before Saturday night.

North Central College (of Naperville) logo

But since Lauf attended a football game across the country in Annapolis, it’ll be interesting to see if she will be attending the big football game in Naperville this Saturday afternoon, as the defending Division III National Champion North Central College Cardinals take the field in the 2nd round of the Division III playoffs, hosting the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

North Central College, based in the new IL-11, had a perfect 10-0 season after winning the National Championship in Division III in 2019 over Wisconsin-Whitewater, and with the 2020 season wiped out due to COVID, are defending their title.

The Cardinals advanced in the playoffs to the round-of-16 when their 1st round opponent had a COVID outbreak on the team, and their playoff match-up was declared a “no-contest” win.

The parallels of Lauf’s constant attention to people and events nationally, opposed to locally in college football is not lost with the political figures she’s supported. Hopefully Lauf’s potential IL-11 primary opponent being alumni of North Central College is not why she’s withholding public support for a local, Illinois-based defending football champion from Naperville where Division III players are all non scholarship athletes.

And given Lauf tweeted about the service academies, the United States Coast Guard Academy also plays in Division III NCAA football.

If Lauf tweets or posts Instagram pics from Saturday’s game at Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium, Lauf could begin to show herself as one who cares about local, Illinois-based people and institutions.

Kickoff is Noon CST on Saturday in Naperville.

But back to the Lauf Instagram pictures with her decked in official Navy apparel from Under Armour officially licensed products, brought back memories from 42 years ago of a certain song from the Village People, released in 1979.

Enjoy the video for “In the Navy”.

CRT Coming to Crystal Lake Grade School?

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

I want to give you a heads up that Crystal Lake School District 47 has commissioned Corwin Deep Equity to provide equity training for the Board and district/school leadership teams.  This may be of interest to you for your McHenry County Blog.

I send you this because when “Corwin Deep Equity” is searched on any search engine, every single link not from their own website is extremely critical with mentions of CRT and the program itself promoting racism. 

There are no positive mentions of the program.  As a parent of children in the district this raises great concerns for their wellbeing and education.

I hope you may spread awareness to our community before this gets too far off the ground.

More information can be found in the District 47 fall newsletter towards the bottom of section “COVID ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) FUNDING”.

Equity training: At the September 21, 2021 Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a two-year professional development leadership series for the Board and district/school leadership teams.

The program, set to begin during the 2022-23 school year, will be provided by Corwin Deep Equity.

Click the link for more information: Board Presentation September 20, 2021_ Corwin Deep Equity Professional Development .pdf (702 KB)

World War I CLCHS Honor Roll

On Veterans Day, McHenry County Blog posted picutres of Civil War and Vietnam War Memorials in McHenry County.

I noted that I knew of non for World War I and World War II veterans and, I’ll add here, Korean War Veterans.

A graduate of my high school more familiar with it than I has forwarded a picture of a plaque honoring those who served in World War I:

The names below are difficult to read, but here they are:

There are last names that recognizable, e..g., Raue.

Three ;family names have more than one entry.

My source tells me, “I think only two people died (the ones with stars next to their names).”

On the bottom right appear the letters “S.A.T.O.” with eight names below it. I’m bee told it stands for Student Army Training Corps.

Governor Pritzker Signs Congressional Remap into Law Completing Illinois’ Congressional Remap

JB Pritzker

From Governor Pritzker press release obtained via Capitol Fax:

After reviewing the General Assembly’s congressional maps drawn with 2020 U.S. Census data, Governor JB Pritzker signed the new U.S. House district map that reflects Illinois’ diversity and preserves minority representation in Illinois’ delegation in accordance with the federal Voting Rights Act.

“These maps align with the landmark Voting Rights Act and will ensure all communities are equitably represented in our congressional delegation.”

Governor JB Pritzker press release 11/23/21


A landmark achievement of the civil rights movement, the Voting Rights Act prohibits practices and procedures that discriminate on the basis of race, color or membership in a protected language minority group.

Building on and strengthening that consequential law, the Illinois Voting Rights Act of 2011 ensures redistricting plans are crafted in a way that preserves clusters of minority voters if they are of size or cohesion to exert collective electoral power.

The maps signed into law today meet those requirements by creating a second district of significant Latinx representation that reflects the community’s rapid growth on the west side of Chicago.

The district boundaries also account for population changes in the state, particularly in the regions that saw the most population loss as recorded by 2020 U.S. Census.

The Illinois Congressional Redistricting Act of 2021 (HB 1291) takes effect immediately.


With the implementation of HB 1291, the 108 local election authorities across Illinois will begin to implement the new map and assign voters within their respective jurisdiction into the appropriate congressional district based on the legislation.

The legislation has congressional districts drawn where necessary down to the Census block level, based on the approved maps from the Illinois General Assembly of October 29, 2021.

Approved Congressional Map 10/29/21
The congressional map passed by Illinois Democrats.

With the governor’s signature on the maps, here are where the challengers to Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) have decided to run in other districts, based on filings with the FEC and/or their own announcements through Monday.

All are Republicans, unless otherwise noted:

  • James Marter to IL-14
  • Teresa Pfaff to IL-17
  • Geno Young to IL-01
  • Jack Lombardi to IL-14
  • Marsha Williams (Dem) to IL-17

Neither Michael Rebresh or Catalina Lauf have announced their plans.

Lauf expected to announce soon for IL-11, creating a contested Republican primary with Mike Pierce.

The new IL-14 currently has a 3-way Republican primary between Marter, Lombardi and former radio talk show host Michael Koolidge of DeKalb.

Koolidge ended his WROK radio show on November 12.

Kane County Judge Rules Against Dundee Township 708 Mental Health Board

John A. “Jack” Cunningham

Judge rejects McHenry Township v County of McHenry ruling against McHenry County clerk since Dundee Township issue was PTELL not Election Law

Next steps uncertain, given timing of the ruling during Thanksgiving week

Monday afternoon, Kane County Circuit Judge Kevin Busch issued his ruling in the 16th Judicial Circuit for Dundee Township v John A (Jack) Cunningham, in his official capacity as Kane County Clerk over his office’s decision, with advise of the Kane County State’s Attorney, to not extend property taxes after the successful passage of a 708 Mental Health Board for Dundee Township referendum during the 2020 primary election.

As expected, the lack of referendum question language as required by the Illinois Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL), which was Appellate Court affirmed Case Law from a 2015 decision made against the Hampshire Township Road District was the overriding precedent cited by Judge Busch.

The Township, represented by Ancel Glink, cited the 2021 decision against McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio mandating a county clerk’s role with referendum questions is purely ministerial, and not subject to the clerk’s interpretation of Illinois law.

The Judge ruled the context of the McHenry Township case was solely under election law, and not property tax extension.

Next steps, now that 16th Circuit case 21-MR-000801 now closed, at this point are undetermined.

The background information McHenry County Blog published over six months ago, as expected was valid in this 2021 litigation and can be viewed here.

Bob Anderson Switches Gubernatorial Candidate from Bailey to Schimpf

Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson is a proven door knocker.

Through petitioning, he got a countywide vote on abolishing townships, for instance.

Since then, he has broadened his special interest to cutting the multiplicity of governments regardless of function.

He thought he had the support of Darren Bailey in this effort and because what Barb Babey told him about the issue, walked in the Marengo Settlers Days Parade for Bailey.

Bob Anderson holding up his sign supporting consolidating local governments whijle wearing a Darren Bailey for Governor tee shirt.

Indeed, when I met with him at Around the Clock for lunch, he was wearing a Bailey for Governor Tee shirt.

Paul Schimpf and Bob Anderson pose with Anderson’s “Fight Waste. Consolidate” sign.

Now, after a conversation with fellow Marine Paul Schimpf, Anderson has met with Republican gubernatorial hopeful Schimpf and signed onto his campaign.

If you begin to see Schimpf for Governor yard signs locally, they might have been put up by the now-retired Wonder Lake barber.

Kyle Rittenhouse Co-Defense Attorney Blasts Republican Congressmen, Trump, Jr. Trying to Cash-in on Verdict

Mark D. Richards

In multiple articles since Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal on 5 felony charges in Kenosha County on Friday, Co-Defense Attorney Mark Richards of Racine, WI blasts Republican members of Congress publicly saying they’ll offer Rittenhouse, who turns 19 just after first of the year, a congressional internship.

From The Daily Beast:

Kyle Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards slammed GOP congressman who practically begged his client to come work for them, declaring that their internship offers are nothing more than a cash grab.

“They’re raising money on it and you have all these Republican congressmen saying come work for me,” Richards said to Insider following Rittenhouse’s acquittal Friday.

“They want to trade on his celebrity and I think it’s disgusting.”

The remarks came following offers from far-right lawmakers such as Reps. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), and Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who bantered on Twitter about who could scoop up the conservative poster child.

Richards did not mince words for Donald Trump, Jr., either, after he tweeted—and deleted—that a gun rights organization would send Rittenhouse an AR-15.

“He’s an idiot. I don’t have to expand on that because it speaks for itself,” he said.

Racine-based attorney Mark D. Richards, from The Daily Beast “Rittenhouse Lawyer Blasts GOP Congressmen, Trump Jr. Over Job Offers and Free Guns” 11/20/21

Dems Pass Bill to Prohibit Out of State Contributions to Judicial Campaigns

Springfield Democrats have passed a bill conveniently timed to keep non-Illinois money out of two Illinois Supreme Court races the victory of Republicans in which would tip the balance toward rational reapportionment decisions.

The Center Square has written this article on the subject:

New legislation would prohibit out-of-state money in judicial campaigns

(The Center Square) – A new measure would prohibit candidates in judicial elections from accepting out-of-state donations and anonymous donations during campaigns for judicial positions.

Illinois Supreme Court Building

Senate Bill 536 has passed both houses of the Illinois General Assembly. If signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, it would prohibit any candidate for a Supreme Court, Appellate Court, or Circuit Court position from accepting any campaign donations from out-of-state donors or accepting any untraceable campaign funds.

State Rep. Katie Stuart, who is the only House sponsor of the legislation, said that this change is something all Illinoisans can support.

“I think trying to avoid dark money from elections is something I think we can all get behind,” Stuart said. “So the change would stop out of state and untraceable money from finding its way into our judicial races.”

Republican state Rep. Ryan Spain, has spoken out against this bill. He called the measure unconstitutional.

“The ability to make political donations is an example of free speech,” Spain said. “I have concerns that this provision in this legislation is not constitutional.”

Spain also questioned the timing of a bill.

“For me, I am not comfortable supporting this bill here on the last day of veto session,” Spain said. “This has very significant changes that affect how we will handle our elections for judges in the state of Illinois.”

If Pritzker signs the measure, the legislation would go into effect immediately.

Governor Pritzker Reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict

JB Pritzker

From Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Friday afternoon after the Kenosha County jury rendered its not guilty verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse early afternoon on Friday:

“Carrying a loaded gun into a community 20 miles from your home and shooting unarmed citizens is fundamentally wrong.

“It’s a tragedy that the court could not acknowledge that basic fact.

“26-year-old Anthony Huber and 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, a father, had their whole lives ahead of them. They deserved to be alive today. They deserve justice.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to all who loved them.

“We must do better than this.”

A balanced perspective is in order for many, including Governor Pritzker, concerning the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in Kenosha last Friday.

Let’s remember then Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn’s prediction he published with details on September 3, 2020:

It must be remembered, Zorn’s column last year was published just a week after the events in Kenosha, and Kyle Rittenhouse’s voluntary surrender to Antioch, IL police in the early hours (around 1:20AM CDT) of August 26, 2020.

Zorn, who now publishes his The Picayune Sentinel blog on substack, was a guest on last night’s Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont radio show during the 2nd hour.

Host DuMont referred to Zorn’s Tribune column from last year, and Zorn responds on November 21, 2021.

The video is cued to DuMont asking Zorn about his assessment now, and from 2020, and the exchange with the other guests is very interesting, and worth the additional 15 minutes of video.

On the “gun charge” Zorn references, additional insight plus accurate critique concerning the Associated Press coverage of the Rittenhouse trial from Red State‘s Jim Thompson, who was a trial lawyer for 30 years, and combined with a 35-year career as a freelance cartoonist (interesting combination) is worth the quick read.

The ending of Thompson’s short column is something Governor Pritzker, given how he lauds Joseph Rosenbaum pointing out he’s a father, was at best short-sighted compared with the whole truth:

“Inconvenient facts.

“Like Rittenhouse defending himself from a convicted child rapist, and two other men with long criminal records.

“Meh, facts.”

Jim Thompson “AP Leaves Facts on the Cutting Room Floor”, Red State 11/19/21 8:15PM CST


From the desk of John Lopez: Governor Pritzker needs to listen to Eric Zorn, and everything he said in his comments from last night.

I don’t need to repeat what I just published in the Congressman Sean Casten article here on McHenry County Blog as the words I said there about Casten apply to Pritzker, too (outside of the fact Casten used his congressional office).

Algonquin Township Board Refusing to Broadcast Meetings

Word is that Algonquin Township officials don’t think their taxpayers want to be able to see and hear them in action.

Apparently, I am the only person who has asked that the meetings be livestreamed the way former much-maligned former Township Clerk Karen Lukasik used to do.

From the minutes of the October Algonquin Township Board meeting.

A heading on the Township website is “Serving our community with pride.”

But not transparency.

We are now six months into the new term–with all new faces–and it seems transparency is not a concern.

As noted above, Algonquin Township is McHenry County’s largest township.

Smaller townships like McHenry and Nunda allow long distance viewing of its meetings, but not Algonquin.

As I look at the website, there is contact information for all the elected officials but the four Township Trustees.

Here is the contact information for two of the officials who attend the monthly eetings:

Township Supervisor: Randy Funk

Township Clerk: Maureen Huff

IL-06: Sean Casten Reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict

Sean Casten

From Congressman Sean Casten’s congressional office press release:

Casten Statement on Devastating Verdict out of Kenosha

November 19, 2021 Press Release

“I’m appalled that today our judicial system allowed a hate-fueled white vigilante to walk free when he traveled across state lines to use a weapon of war to intimidate and then murder Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and shoot Gaige Grosskreutz.

“We must ask ourselves, why is it we are familiar with the shooter but not the names and stories of those whose lives were ripped away?

“I encourage all to read Anthony Huber’s parents statement expressing their pain:

‘Today’s verdict means there is no accountability for the person who murdered our son. It sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street. We hope that decent people will join us in forcefully rejecting that message and demanding more of our laws, our officials, and our justice system.’

“As we reflect on the outcome of today’s verdict, we must remember those who had their lives ended far too short; Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum.

“My heart goes out to their families, friends and community mourning today’s devastating verdict. We will not forget your names.”


Kyle Rittenhouse

From the desk of John Lopez: No Congressman Casten, we already know all there was needed to be known about the dangerous men who tried to do bodily harm to then-Illinois resident Kyle Rittenhouse the night of August 25, 2020 in Kenosha during the civil unrest.

McHenry County Blog published all that was needed to be known back on August 27, 2020 here.

And as far as Anthony Huber’s father, during a pre-trial hearing earlier this year, we learned all we need to learn about that character when on the ZOOM hearing, old man Huber gave an obscene gesture to Judge Schroeder when he ruled to deny an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse.

But more disturbing is Casten’s complete willful disregard for the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial from Friday, let alone placing defamatory remarks, FROM HIS CONGRESSIONAL OFFICE, about Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty on ALL FIVE felony counts, just as then Chicago Tribune op-ed columnist Eric Zorn predicted in his September 3, 2020 op-ed.

Rittenhouse was forced to neutralize Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz when they clearly meant to do him bodilly harm, including killing him.

Because of their own actions, justice was served on them, and all three men got what was coming to them.

This Thanksgiving, I give thanks to the 12 men and women of the jury last week, who ignored the “court of public opinion” and applied Wisconsin law and the absolute truth of the evidence and make their verdict as it should be for Kyle Rittenhouse — NOT GUILTY!

Looking at the Sheriff’s Monthly Report

Haven’t taken much of a look at the McHenry County Sheriff’s monthly report before now.

First, the statistics; then some observations.

With state law saying the Immigration and Customs Enforcement floor of th McHenry County Jail must be closed by the end of December, ICE is transferring less than half as many illegal aliens to McHenry County as last year–116 versus 292.

The average daily count is down more than 50% to 101.

Hit and run traffic accidents are way up percentagewise.

Narcotics Division arrests have plunged.

“Perception” Cited by Nunda Township Board Concerning Equipment Lease Road Road Commissioner Made with Himself

Members of the three-member majority block on the Nunda Township Board have been putting pressure on Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance with regard to a contract she made with himself to rent some heavy equipment.

At last month’s meeting, a resolution was reached when Highway Commissioner Mike Lesperance revealed,

Mike Lesperance

“My wife made it completely clear.

“She doesn’t want mw to let the Township use it anymore.

“I’m not going to argue with you anymore.

‘It’s done.”

The discussion about the lease started with a question about maintaining ditches.

“[We] still have about 140 miles of culverts,” Lesperance explained.

“I took this job to teach government employees how to work, not the opposite.

“Your ditches have to be cleaned.

Rob Parrish

“We’re doing a good job.

“I intend to keep doing so.”

Trustee Rob Parrish, who lost the Republican Primary Election to Lesperance by three votes nine years ago, mentioned “Running Iron,” a ditch project for which he was criticized.

“That was eight years ago,” Lesperance replied.

Trustee Tim Parrish , Rib’s brother, inserted another issue, the “multiplier that you kick back to municipalities,” but my notes are incomplete. Fifty percent of township road taxes collected from properties in municipalities go directly to cities and villages.

Lesperance explained the lease agreement.

“It costs zero dollars to the township, [which provides] insurance, maintenance and storage.”

Joanna Donahue

The newest Trustee, Joanna Donahue, asked, “Are you able to use them for personal reasons?”

“Yes” was the reply.

He explained that if he rents the machine out whoever is renting it or he pays to move it from the Township to the job site and the Township pays to move it back.

“Who brought this up?” Donahue continued.

“Speaking from a taxpayers [point of view] that seems like a gray area.

“In eight years I went from full-time in my business to part-time.”

She wondered if the subject of replacement purchases ever came up.

“I understand this is a good deal for both [the township and you.]”

Lesperance related that he had brought the concept to a previous Board, which “didn’t raise any concern..”

Tim Parrish

He added that he had no interest in selling the machinery to the Township, adding that the Township “puts 80% of the hours on the machines.

“I rent the machines out from time to time.”

Tim Parrish said, “[You] can’t use the equipment other than for the Township>”

He cited Illinois Department of Transportation rules saying “equipment cannot be loaned to private individuals,” adding he thought the lease should include shared maintenance costs.

“It isn’t perceived well.

Tim Parrish suggested seeing if a neighboring township’s equipment cuold be used under and Intergovernmental agreement.

“I’m not in favor of keeping this [going] forward.

“It doesn’t look good.”

County Effectively Creates Single-Member Board Districts

Thoughtful commenter “Correcting” has brought forth a new thought.

He has been thinking what County Board contests will look like over the next decade.

McHenry County District map for 2022-2032.

Then County Board member (now Cronpner) Michael Rein defeated Board Chairman Jack Franks’ effort to establish single-member districts with a motion to make them three-member districts.

Eighteen members in all.

The Board elected in 2020, however, decided there should be two members in each district.

That’s where Correcting’s analysis comes in.

He explains what will happen starting in 2024.

They [County Board member terms] WILL be staggered, you say. Thanks for letting me know.

“Not sure if in a multi-member district setting, if the top vote-getter in the 2022 general election will be the 4-year term, for a 4-4-2, and the other member is 2-4-4, or if there will be a drawing prior to the 2022 election.”

This is something I feel was not talked about much in newspapers or even on this blog when all of that stuff was happening.

Interesting how even the single member county board formats use those staggered elections / different “classes” like the state senate does. So it would be like the state senate like you said. Always found it perplexing how some government bodies have all their seats up in a single election (like township stuff iirc and the state house and U.S. House) but then others are staggered.

Dang that’s kind of a bummer that you’re going to have defacto single member board races.

Totally changes the feel of it.

No slates.

Cults of personality.

Probably have more bitter primaries.

Probably will have more partisan general elections too.

All that fun strategic slating of 1 vs 2 candidates and bullet voting gets tossed out the window.


And, as Jack Franks knew when he proposed single-member districts, it is easier for a minority to concntrat resources in a single-member district than in a multi-member district.

So, score one for the Democratic Party.

Below is a map in which one can see the precincts in each district:

McHenry County Board district map for 2022-2-32.

Message of the Day – A Parade Entry

The First Methodist Church of McHenry had an entry in the 2021 McHenry Fiesta Days Parade.

First Methodist Church of McHenry says, ‘Help us help others.”

The Boy Scout Troop sponsored by the Methodist church marched behind the float.

Troop 131, sponsored by the Methodist church in McHenry.

Next came the Cub Scout Pack sponsored by the church.

Cub Scout Pack 131 sponored by McHenry’s Methodist Church.