Disappointment with League of Women Voters’ Senate Candidate Forum

When the six candidates running for the State Senate appeared at a forum conducted by the McHenry County League of Women Voters, I submitted a question which was not asked. It asked candidates if they would have another job while … Continue reading

Double Dipper Accuses Double Dipper of Double Dipping

Those with long memories will remember when Pat Quinn, speaking for the Coalition of Political Honesty, released a list of “double dippers” each year. They were mainly machine Democrats. Lots of state legislators, township and municipal officials. When Quinn started … Continue reading

Donna Kurtz Holds Fund Raiser

In one of the first county board fund raisers of the year, McHenry County College Board member Donna Kurtz gathered supporters at The Cottage at the corner of Crystal Lake Avenue and Brink Street Thursday night. Kurtz is running to … Continue reading