Follow-Up to the Questions Asked on McHenry County Blog Relating to TAG’s Closing

This is from a friend of McHenry County Blog who is concerned by the “irresponsible manner that The Advantage Group has been treated by various government officials.” Answers are provided below each question.  The questions were posed by Patrick Ouimet … Continue reading

The Advantage Group (TAG) Sunsets

“Am I going to have to leave?” the young man asked with uncertainty to TAG Pat Owens as my interview was winding down. He had been told that because of The Advantage Group’s closing there would be no group session … Continue reading

708 Board Attorney Resigns Before Termination Vote, TAG Withdraws Grant Request

Three things were on the agenda on the 708 Mental Health Board Tuesday morning at 7 AM: Dismissal of the Board Attorney Approval of Contract to Hire Interim Board Attorney Authorization of Emergency Operational Grant for TAG All three were … Continue reading

708 Board Attorney and Interim Executive Director Criticize New Board’s TAG Grant Decision

I’ll let the following documents from 708 Board Attorney Frank Gosser and Interim Executive Director Todd Schroll speak for themselves. Gosser’s three-page letter comes first: Schroll sent a memo attached to this email: Dear Board Members – Please see the … Continue reading

The Advantage Group (TAG) Makes Case, Gets Permission to Apply for Competitive Mental Health Board Funds

Fighting for her alcohol and drug abuse agency’s life Pat Owens, the Executive Director of The Advantage Group (TAG, for short) brought her plea to the McHenry County Mental Health Board during the Public Comment period at the beginning of … Continue reading