What Did Taxpayers Get for Their 2016 School Taxes

So far, we’ve been looking at where money spent on schools has gone. Today, we look at what taxpayers got for the property taxes in 2016. it is interesting that Crystal Lake High School District 155–the school district with the … Continue reading

A Critique of MCC’s Financial Path

This arrived from a friend of McHenry County Blog.  It appears that McHenry County’s nursing home isn’t the only taxing entity that is squirreling money away.  (See “Continued Over Taxation for Valley Hi in County Budget.”) McHenry County College continues … Continue reading

Senate Says Public Officials Can Keep Performance Evaluations Secret

House Bill 5154, the bill that would allow McHenry County College to keep ex-President Walt Packard’s performance standards secret, passed the Illinois Senate overwhelmingly on December 1st. The vote was 48-3. The only local state senator who voted against this … Continue reading

McHenry County College Continues Stalling Tactics in Attempt to Keep Ex-President Walt Packard’s Performance Evaluations Secret

The title of this article could have been “Blogger Sued,“ but there’s enough drama without bringing that up. Or the headline could have been “MCC Sues MCC Founder.” I even have a ribbon from the dedication of the current campus … Continue reading

McHenry County College Continues Stonewalling on Release of Walt Packard’s Performance Evaluations

Why should I be surprised that the local government that has been least transparent—even to the point of ejecting press and taxpayers from its building during a secret meeting, being sued by the McHenry County State’s Attorney and being admonished … Continue reading

Attorney General Rules McHenry County College May Reveal Walt Packard Percformance Evaluation

The stalling tactics of McHenry County College didn’t work. You may remember that I filed a Freedom of Information request for the performance evaluations of ex-President Walt Packard. You remember him. The one sent packing Feb. 26, 2009 with no … Continue reading

Beaubien, Duffy, Franks and Tryon Vote Against Stripping Employee Performance Standards from Freedom of Information Act

Yesterday I frothed about our local very junior college’s playing games with the Freedom of Information Act. Two weeks ago I requested the performance evaluations for former McHenry County College President Walt Packard. I was told there was only one, … Continue reading

Freedom of Information Request for Walt Packard Performance Evaluations Hits MCC Nerve

Remember how the teachers’ unions got the performance evaluation part of the Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s Freedom of Information Act reform law repealed earlier this year. I figured that there was one performance evaluation that a lot of people in … Continue reading

Tougher Teacher/Administrator Evaluations You Will Never See

Remember the smoking Nazi guy from “Laugh-In” who used to say, “Very interesting” That was my reaction as I read this article in the Daily Herald yesterday. It is so typical of Illinois school politics. The Federal government is trying … Continue reading