Lake County Right to Life Bemoans “Abortion Tourism”

From Lake County Right-To-Life: Abortion Tourism Comes To Illinois On November 19th, 2018 the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) published the 2017 abortion statistics for Illinois. Here they are: Illinois Department of Public Health 2017 abortion statistics The report … Continue reading

The Question Jack Franks Would Not Answer at His Woodstock Town Hall Meeting

Jack Franks, running for McHenry County Board Chairman, professes to be transparent and accountable. The transparency is wonderfully symbolized in the fish bowl from which he draws questions written on three by five inch note cards. I had a question … Continue reading

Dems Running Bill Downs against David McSweeney

Petitions are circulating for Bill Downs to run on the Democratic Party ticket against State Representative David McSweeney. Downs lives in Fox Trails. Last year, McSweeney came in first in a three-way GOP Primary Election, but was challenged by Dee … Continue reading

What Do Dee Beaubien & Tammy Duckworth Really Believe about Abortion? The Personal PAC Questionnaire

After the deluge of publicity about how “extreme” Congressman Joe Walsh is on the abortion issue went unanswered, my frustration level grew so much that I posted the following on Capitol Fax Blog: Cal Skinner – Monday, Oct 15, 12 … Continue reading

Beaubien Abortion and McSweeney Property Tax Pieces Arrive Friday

The pro-abortion Personal PAC launched its second mailing on behalf of Dee Baubien (Ind.-Madigan) in her race against Republican David McSweeney. It arrived on the last workday of the third week of October. It features former George Ryan Lt. Gov. … Continue reading

Personal PAC Endorsements in McHenry County Government

The pro-abortion Personal PAC does not list its fall endorsements on its web site. Just the primary picks. But thanks to the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, McHenry County Blog can share them with you. Here’s the introduction, “Personal PAC … Continue reading

McSweeney Responds to Beaubien Pounding on Abortion Issue

Last week Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Beaubien) played Rock-em-Sock-em with Dave McSweeney on the issue of abortion in the mailbox, on radio and television. To that point McSweeney had taken the pinata approach to the campaign, much as State Senator Bill Brady … Continue reading

McSweeney Gets Hit Three Times on Abortion, Advantage Beaubien

It wasn’t a one-two punch. It was a one-two-three punch. There were two mailings. One was from the Democratic Party of Illinois. “To extremist David McSweeney Women’s Health is just another political game.” [I’m sure that Dave McSweeney considers his … Continue reading

$93,000 Poured into Dee Beaubien’s Fund – $60,752.35 from Madigan PAC’s, $25,000 from Unions

The latest report filed by Citizens for Dee Beaubien with the Illinois State Board of Elections is that her campaign fund received another $93,023.20. None is from a traditional Republican source. All the contributions to the Barrington Hills woman running … Continue reading

Beaubien Tosses in $50,000, Personal PAC Shows, More Madigan Money ($43,858.90 So Far)

Revealed today were large contributions to Dee Beaubien (Ind-Madigan). They include an infusion of $50,000 in the millionaire’s personal money. In addition the pro-abortion Personal PAC reported spending its first money in the campaign–$4,106.20. Back in the days when Personal … Continue reading

Madigan Doesn’t Wait for Personal PAC to Launch Abortion Attack

Late last week Democrat Mike Madigan’s campaign folks unleashed the first attempt to drive people away from Republican David McSweeney using the abortion issue. Most observers thought that it would be the pro-abortion Personal PAC that would do the heavy … Continue reading

McHenry County Republicans Refusing to Appoint Precinct Committeemen in Dave McSweeney’s & Dan Duffy’s District

Listed below are the precincts in the hotly contested 52nd House race. That’s where Independent Dee Beaubien, with Democrat Mike Madigan’s help, is challenging Republican primary election winner David McSweeney. You will note that many precincts are empty. In addition … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien Running for State Rep against Dave McSweeney

Multiple sources have contacted McHenry County Blog with the news that State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s widow Dee is telling people she is running for State Representative against Republican winner Dave McSweeney. “There’s no doubt that she’s running,” one source who … Continue reading