Property Taxes and Power Plants

Another of the research efforts by a Friend of McHenry County Blogstimulated by the proposal to build a gas-fired power plant in Oakwood Hills: Property Tax and Power Plants Ill-researched proclamations that a power plant will bring tax money to … Continue reading

Township Officials Oppose Tax Diversion, Limitation

The lobbying arm of Illinois Township Officials is urging local members to call their legislators to ask them to oppose two bills. One takes money from a state subsidy that should have been phased out decades ago. It looks like … Continue reading

Grafton Township Board Strips Supervisor of Duties, Equipment, Files

I’d forgotten how boring budget committee mark-ups could be. That was the first order of business at the Grafton Township meeting Monday night. Held at the Huntley Park District headquarters (the old high school that local taxpayers have had the … Continue reading

Recreating the Repealed Personal Property Tax – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog suggested Governor Pat Quinn was attempting to recreate the hated personal property tax, which died an electoral death in November, 1970. I explained how county treasurers throughout Illinois tried to put heat on legislators by enforcing … Continue reading

Recreating the Repealed Personal Property Tax – Part 1

First it was Republican Governor George Ryan who decided that increasing drivers license fees was the way to finance his Illinois FIRST in 1989. I didn’t support that bill because it took about 56% of its money from the six-county … Continue reading